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1195[orthodox-synod] Need help identifying composer

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  • Michael Malloy
    Dec 1, 1999
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      I am asking for your help with a name of a composer. Unfortunately,
      the original copy of the music I have is pretty bad. It's a hand
      written and poorly xeroxed piece that was sung at Jordanville's summer
      music school in 1998. The music was passed out by a young woman from
      Paris named Katya. The title, as best as I can make it out, is "Nyinye
      Otpuschayeshi". Here's the rub, the composer's name is very difficult
      to see let alone read! Here is everything I see on the page and then
      my best guss at what it might actually say. "Myz A L Treioyakova W 15"
      -- A.L. Treioyakova. The first part of the name is the most difficult
      to read, but the last part "...yakova" is perfectly clear. The "i"
      looks like one of those Church Slavonic characters with two dots over
      it, but this could be due to the extremely poor quality of the photo
      copy and very sloppy hand written original.

      The music is in 4/4 and is 28 measures long, in b minor with a pedal
      "B" throughout. Tempo is really slow, I think no faster than 50 beats
      per minute.

      Here is the complete text, as I see it: "Nyinye otpuschayeshi raba
      tvoyego Vladyiko po glago lu Tvoyemu smirom yako vidye stao chimo i
      spase ninye Tvoye yezhe yesi ugotovla pryed li chem v'sekh liu dei
      svyet vo ot kro veniye yazyi kovi slavu liu dei tvoikh iz ra i la." I
      <know> I've made transliteration mistakes and some of the syllables are
      probably joined incorrectly, but hopefully experienced Russian
      musicians can get the picture. It's a very beautiful piece!
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