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1190[orthodox-synod] Re: Log-in annoyance?

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  • Priest Mark Gilstrap
    Dec 1, 1999
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      At 01:13 PM 12/1/99 -0000, you wrote:

      >I've noticed that with this list, and this one only, from e groups I
      >have to log-in every time I look at the list on line --- but ONLY when
      >I'm at work. At home I don't have to do this and I don't have to do it
      >with "Ustav" of "Orthodox-Psalm" or "Kosovo news (from Dechani
      >Have I missed something?

      From work do you always look at this list first? If you
      pull up Netscape and try going to Ustav first does it not ask you
      to log in?

      E-groups uses a cookie to determine who you are. At home
      this cookie is sitting there waiting to be exchanged so that e-groups
      can take you right to your space or even to a specific function
      (such as mangement) inside a specific list. Apparently you can't
      use the same username at both work and home without having to log in
      from one or the other. One functional cookie per username. I
      assume you first logged in from your home address. You could reverse
      the behaviour by using the change username function while logged in
      at work and then entering and saving the same username information -
      which will cause delivery of a new cookie to your work computer. Of
      course you would then have to log in from home.

      As an alternative to having to log-in from work, I use separate
      usernames from work and from home so that e-groups immediately
      recognizes me from both places. Of course you have to be subscribed
      to each list from both names for that to work, so I only do it for the
      lists I manage, or ones that require membership in order to read
      the on-line archives. I set the delivery to "Read from web only" for
      my work address so that I don't overwhelm AlliedSignal's resources with
      my private mail. (// sarcasm //)

      o. mark
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