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  • frraphver
    Jul 12, 2004
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      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Paul O. BARTLETT"
      <bartlett@s...> wrote:

      > I can see some difficulty. One man's "schism" is another man's
      > "faithfulness to Orthodoxy." To the latter, sticking to his guns,
      > the expression goes, being faithful to Orthodoxy as he sees it,
      may in
      > his eyes be "follow[ing] the Will of Christ and be[ing] a member
      of His
      > body." Was it St. Mark of Ephesus (my memory is a little hazy) who
      > rejected the so-called Union of Florence and said that even if the
      > whole world went along, he would remain faithful to Orthodoxy? In
      > eyes of some, he was probably considered a schismatic. (And I get
      > idea that there are at least some in Russia who consider ROCOR
      > schismatic.) Just where do we draw lines, and who does the
      drawing and
      > how?
      > --
      > Regards,
      > Paul Bartlett
      > bartlett "at" smart "dot" net
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      The drawing of lines must be in all humility of mind and mistrust of
      oneself. We have those we are to show honour & obedience to. We have
      spiritual fathers (hopefully) whom we can ask advice from and be
      guided by. We also need to have daily spiritual reading. Then of
      course there is our own spiritual life grounded in the above and a
      sacramental life. All of this helps us to discern the proper course
      without becoming arbitrary & subjective.
      You ask about St Mark of Ephesus & the Union of Florence. I think
      discernment is what is needed. We should not be asking "how can I be
      like St Mark of Ephesus?" We should be asking, "what is Christ's
      will for the present situation?" Then I think we can see that our
      bishops are not trying to lead us to deny our Faith. Perhaps what
      they are leading us to will actually lead us to increase our faith
      in Christ all the more.
      In Christ- Fr Raphael Vereshack
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