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11640RE: [orthodox-synod] Caution!

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  • Fr Anthony Bridges
    Jul 2, 2004
      Dear Fr. Anthony,

      Regardless of what any bishop or priest may or may not have advocated, the
      position of the Synod of Bishops is crystal clear. That is why the
      were formed at the Sobor, after the pastoral conference. Some of the letters
      currently circulating are only confusing people of the reality of the
      position. Our Church is in dialog, as nearly every diocese has supported
      October and November, and the results of this dialog will be reported to the
      Sobor of Bishops, who will then decide the next steps. Everything else is
      useless noise.

      Father Victor,

      I think I understand what you mean about everything else being useless
      Sometimes I feel that way myself, especially when reading the "lists."
      However, let us admit that it keeps neither you nor me from reading them and
      commenting on them. That implies that we believe there is some usefulness
      to all the "noise."

      However, if you simply mean to say that we all need to be patient and
      prayerful and
      not "jumping to conclusions," then I have to agree.

      But the truth is, many people are worried.

      Considering that we are in a historic moment, I think we all sense the
      of the situation. Some people seem hardly able to contain their joy; others
      worried and afraid. Personally, I am trying to be restrained and patient. If
      we are able to resolve our differences and unite with the Church in Russia,
      maintaining the purity of our witness, then it will indeed be a time for joy
      and celebration.

      And I have to admit that, if I ignore the "noise," from BOTH sides, then
      I see nothing to be alarmed about. Our position has been stated repeatedly,
      and in writing, and the issues that we care about are still on the agenda.

      Now we just have to wait for the results of the upcoming Sobors.

      Nevertheless, I do not feel that it is inappropriate or disrespectful for
      either "side" to write letters of concern.

      Deacon Anthony

      This leads to another point. One of many things that is remarkable about our
      senior bishops is that they always uphold the conciliar decisions of the
      Church. Our First Hierarch always expresses the view of the CHURCH, and does
      confuse things with his opinions. Some like to press Him, demanding that
      Eminence gives His opinion. Our First Hierarch, Vladyka Metropolitan Laurus,
      always speaks on behalf of the Church, not Himself. This should give all
      comfort. Now that is sobornost'!

      In Christ,
      Priest Victor Boldewskul

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