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10675Re: [orthodox-synod] The Mission of the Church Abroad?

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    May 4, 2004

      Paul Bartlett wrote:

      > How many "day to day" (non-specialist) Russian or other Slavic
      > Orthodox priests know Greek? After all, Slavonic ritual books
      > themselves were translated originally from Greek. (Of course, later
      > services may have been composed in Slavonic, but I am not aware that
      > the Divine Liturgies themselves were.) "So, even for [Eastern] Rite
      > priests, a little familiarity with things [Greek] can't hurt".

      JRS: It would be hard to determine how *well* they know Greek, but
      nevertheless, Greek is a required subject in the seminary.

      When I was a student at Jordanville, not only were we required to learn
      Greek, but once a year, on the feast of the Three Hierarchs, the Divine
      Liturgy was sung in Greek (but following the Russian Typicon).

      When there are Greek-speakers in church, I sometimes say certain
      prayers in Greek for their benefit (e.g. the prayers before communion).
      Our chanter, who knows both Slavonic and Greek, will also sometimes
      sing chants in the original Greek.

      Everything depends on who attends a given service.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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