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10645Re: [orthodox-synod] The Mission of the Church Abroad?

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  • Joachim Wertz
    May 3, 2004
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      I have myself attended a Western Rite Liturgy in a church that is in ROCOR,
      and there were parts of the Liturgy (Mass) that were read in Latin. I would
      say that it would not be a bad idea if these Western Rite ROCOR clergy did
      know how to read Latin. I suspect that some at least, do. It wouldn't hurt.
      In my previous posting I wrote merely "read" the traditional liturgical
      language. I should have said "read for comprehension", and not just
      pronounce the services in said language. I can pronounce the Greek services,
      but my comprehension of the Greek liturgical language is less than 20%. It
      is my opinion that it is in a priest's best interest to know the traditional
      liturgical language (and even the modern language spoken by his Bishop), at
      least for his safeguarding against misunderstandings. No, I am not proposing
      that clergy be re-educated or that clergy wishing to join another
      jurisdiction should be subjected to a linguistic "litmus test". I was only
      speaking of an ideal and pointing out that there still is much work to be
      done in translating texts into languages that are not traditionally
      Orthodox. Then we could go into the issue of *which* translations should be

      Christ is Risen!

      Joachim Wertz

      From: "Paul O. BARTLETT" <bartlett@...>
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      Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 19:35:24 -0400 (EDT)
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      Subject: Re: [orthodox-synod] The Mission of the Church Abroad?

      On Sat, 1 May 2004, Joachim Wertz wrote:

      > [much trimmed] Personally I think that
      > all priests of any liturgical tradition should at least be able to read the
      > respective liturgical language of their Churches and traditions.

      I presume, then, that western Orthodox priests should know Latin?
      After all, the heritage of western Orthodoxy was transmitted in Latin,
      not Greek or Slavonic. There are Orthodox Christians (in ROCOR itself,
      if my information is correct) who celebrate a western Liturgy (which
      some of them may even call Mass, horror of horrors) rather than the
      Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil. The Latin Liturgy of
      St. Gregory the Great and Gregorian and Ambrosian chant have ancient
      Orthodox roots. For all I know, there may be Orthodox monks who
      follow the Rule of St. Benedict, who as nearly as I can tell was a
      great Orthodox saint.

      Paul Bartlett
      bartlett "at" smart "dot" net
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