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10412Re: [orthodox-synod] Congratulations to Putin

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  • byakimov@csc.com.au
    Apr 1, 2004
      I would have congratulated the ex KGB agent Putin if he had set up a TRUTH
      Commission or something
      similar & condemned the Soviet atrocities & the butchers (the macabre
      massacre) committed against the people of Russia & Russia Herself. Instead
      he has spread the ex-KGB tentacles across post soviet Russia & is very
      proud of the soviet times. I guess there are Chekistyi in these confused &
      troubled times who are now considered to be the good guys no matter what
      their past.... indeed we live in strashneyshiya vremena as blessed in
      memory Archbishop Averky would say.... Lord Help us ALL please.

      unworthy protodeacon Basil from Canberra

      zina kochnaya <zikonaya@...> on 02/04/2004 03:58:55 AM

      Please respond to orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com

      To: orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [orthodox-synod] Congratulations to Putin

      Metr. Laurus is an American Citizen, not Russian. In fact he is Ukranian.

      I am surprised at this news and your statement, Fr. Alexander. I don't
      Metr. Laurus should have sent his congratulations. It is political.

      "Fr. Alexander Lebedeff" <lebedeff@...> wrote:
      Nicholas Zaharov wrote:

      >Metropolitan Laurus recently wrote a letter to Vladimer Putin, formally
      >congratulating him with his re-election to the office of President of
      >Russia. This letter has been posted on our Church's website.
      >If George W. Bush is re-elected in the near future, I wonder if
      >Metropolitan Laurus will also send him a letter of congratulations. I'm
      >guessing, though, our Church will not need to do this. I do not forsee the
      >Republican Party being in a direct position to reward us. I just don't
      >know. I guess we shall soon see. Only time will tell...

      The cynicism expressed here seems to be misplaced.

      Metropolitan Laurus is the head of what is one of the two parts of the
      **Russian** Orthodox Church--not the American Orthodox Church.

      Vladimir Putin is the President of **Russia**--not America.

      President Bush heads nothing that has to do with Russia.

      What is strange about the head of a Russian Church congratulating the head
      of the Russian state with his reelection? President Putin congratulated
      Metropolitan Laurus with his election as First Hierarch--so what is strange
      about reciprocal politeness?

      Did President Bush congratulate Metropolitan Laurus when he was elected
      First Hierarch?


      By the way, I am sure that Metropolitan Laurus would expect Metropolitan
      Herman, head of the Orthodox Church in **America**, to congratulate
      President Bush, if he were to be reelected.

      Nothing strange about that, either.

      Also, another point--Metropolitan Laurus has established a personal
      relationship with President Putin, who was the host of a two-and a half
      hour long private dinner at the Russian Ambassador to the UN's residence in
      New York -- only for Metropolitan Laurus and members of the Synod of
      Bishops. President Putin at that time personally invited Metropolitan
      Laurus to make an official visit to Russia--an invitation that Metropolitan
      Laurus graciously accepted.

      As far as I know, President Bush has never invited Metropolitan Laurus to
      meet with him, or hosted a private dinner for him at the White House or
      anywhere else.

      So what is strange or sinister (or self-serving) about Metropolitan Laurus
      congratulating President Putin on his reelection?

      It seems to be the most natural and polite thing to do.

      Of course, Nicholas is not alone in putting a cynical "spin" on this
      innocuous letter of congratulations.

      The ROCiE mouthpiece in Russia (well, at least the anti-Varnava
      mouthpiece), V.G. Cherkasov-Georgievskii, posted the Letter of
      congratulations by Metropolitan Laurus on his website, with the following

      "Here is a document, provocatively (!) posted on the official site of the
      Lavrites, which speaks to the fact that the head of the ROCOR(L) Lavr
      Shkurla, with all his might, is dying to participate in the Patriarchal
      Olympics in Moscow."

      Those who have even the slightest acquaintance with our meek, humble, and
      self-effacing First Hierarch, who would much rather be spending his time
      praying at all the monastic services at Jordanville, and spending time in
      solitude at his little and humble skete there, know how ridiculous this
      accusation is.

      I fear that there are some who think that in order to be "Genuinely
      Orthodox" we must eschew knowledge of expected diplomatic courtesy and
      elementary protocol --that we should be primitive, crude, and rude. (Now,
      **that's** real Orthodoxy!)

      I beg to disagree.


      With love in Christ,

      Prot. Alexander Lebedeff

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