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10192Re: ROCA-ROCOR members in Moscow (Official)

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  • boulia_1
    Feb 12, 2004
      Dear Vladimir,

      I don't want to get too involved with this discussion, as my own
      knowledge of 'facts' is limited, and, on the eve of the Great fast, i
      I am wont to get into argument. But one thing I, and most Synod
      (Cathedral) people who know the Holodny family, am aware of is that
      Fr. Peter is REGULARLY in Moscow. At one point, his entire family
      (wife and three lovely children) took residence there, and, though
      they decided not to stay for the childrens' sake, he may well still
      own a home there.

      However, his Moscow presence was NOT at ROCOR's behest, but a
      requirement of business connected with his financial services
      industry job. (Unfortunately, despite ideas that ROCOR is "rich,"
      many and perhaps most of our Priests do have to take earthly jobs to
      support their families.)

      Hence, I suspect that there is a simple answer to the following
      question which you posed:

      > What is the reason why Father Peter Kholodny, explicitly named as
      > the "ROCOR's treasurer" went to Moscow at such an early stage of
      > union's process? One would have expected that the Synod's treasurer
      > would have had nothing to discuss with the MP, unless financial
      > matters were on the agenda.

      I am CONFIDENT that Fr. Peter happened to be in Moscow at the time,
      for OTHER reasons, and joined in, being that "his own" fellow ROCOR
      clergy were in town (despite slanderous comments on this list to the
      contrary, it is a RARITY for him to be among his own in Moscow, and I
      am sure he was happy to see everyone, especially Vl. Hilarion, who
      was at one time his ruling Bishop in NY...).

      By the way, the press release you quote explicitly states that Father
      Peter is treasurer of the Synod of Bishops, NOT of "ROCOR". There IS
      a difference! And the press releadr was issued by the MP, and I think
      they got it wrong. As far as I know (and I checked a year-old edition
      of the ROCOR "spisok"), O. Petr is the treasurer of the NY DIOCESE
      (and I believe of the Synod CATHEDRAL), but not of "the" Synod

      I fear you are too ready to find fault and are anxiously over-
      suspicious, in this case.

      Wishing you peace and a blessed Fast,
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