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10189Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: ROCA-ROCOR members in Moscow (Official)

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  • michael nikitin
    Feb 12, 2004
      ROCOR's property in Jerusalem was given to the MP by those
      who wanted union with MP. The deed to the property mysteriously appeared
      in the hands of MP just before the visit and procurement of the property by
      force by our Mother Church. This was already written in the books as a prelude to

      Union of Mysteries now.........transfer of property later.

      Union would have materialized long ago if the faithful
      did not leave as did HOCNA, ROAC and ROCOR(V).

      Now the faithful are slowly being aclimatized to the MP as to weather.

      The assets are pretty impressive when one considers the Church property
      in many countries belonging to ROCOR.

      There is more to this than meets the eye.

      Michael N

      "Fr. John R. Shaw" <vrevjrs@...> wrote:Regarding:

      > For many, the "strangeness" factor in the ROCOR -- MP encounters is
      the fact that the person at the center of ROCOR -- MP meetings is
      Archpriest Peter Holodny, the treasurer of ROCOR,

      JRS: Why do you say that he is "in the center"? Except that his name
      recently has appeared in the news.

      i.e. someone who holds the purse strings and who has detailed and
      complete knowledge of ROCOR's assets, finances and property documents.

      JRS: Assets and finances that are *not* impressive, sad to say!

      > The atmosphere of secrecy and denials on the part of ROCOR hierarchy
      adds further to the "strangeness" factor and creates a major
      credibility gap.

      JRS: Also I see no signs of "secrecy", or of a credibility gap.

      For me, the "credibility gap" lies in ROCiE, with its systematic
      attempts to deceive the faithful, its deliberate misinformation,
      attempts to "spin" every news item into something that would somehow
      work in their favor.

      > During November 2003 visit of ROCOR bishops to Moscow, according to
      reports from "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" among others, the agenda for day two
      of the meetings focused on transfer of ROCOR properties to "Mother
      Church". Fr. Holodny, in his follow up interviews in Moscow,
      indirectly admitted that the transfer of ROCOR property is part of the

      JRS: This is absolute rubbish. There has been no question of "transfer
      of properties", and this has been stated several times.

      Nor could there very well be any such transfers, since the MP does not
      own its own property!

      > If one reads Russian news articles on the proposed union between
      ROCOR and MP, including MP and orthodox publications, their emphasis is
      on ROCOR assets, number of parishes and ROCOR cash flow.

      JRS: Absolute rubbish. There may be *speculation* about such things, by
      various reporters, but there has been no such discussion of assets, nor
      will there be.

      > Hardly any value is placed on spiritual heritage or canonical
      issues. From the spiritual aspect, ROCOR is consistently depicted as a
      group of schismatics or worse -- Deacon Kuraev's recent article on
      ROCOR is a good example in this respect. It is unfortunate that most
      of these publications are not available in English translations.

      JRS: Why is that "unfortunate"? The MP has not made any such statements
      since the beginning of actual contacts; and we have people, in
      particular some deacons, in ROCOR who have made irresponsible personal

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw

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