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RE: [orthodox-rocor] First Christian search engine launched in Russia

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    If an Orthodox search engine existed in 2004, then this wwjd is not the first Christian search engine—a very misleading headline. Sounds like it was thought
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        If an Orthodox search engine existed in 2004, then this wwjd is not the first Christian search engine—a very misleading headline.  Sounds like it was thought up by Protestants.


      --Dimitra Dwelley, Moscow


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      First Christian search engine launched in Russian Internet
      Written by Andrei Hrachou
      Monday, 22 September 2008

      The first Christian Russian-based search engine http://wwjd.ru was
      launched on the 1st of September!

      The name of the web-site http://wwjd.ru was formed from abbreviation
      of an English phrase "What would Jesus do?" that became popular in
      the United States in 1890s as a personal motto for thousands of

      For now, there are about two thousand web-sites in the index base of
      the search engine, but it is planned to add to the base up to 50 000
      of all confessions' resources by the end of 2009, what will give the
      possibility to cover the whole Christian Internet of Commonwealth of
      Independent States and Baltic countries.

      "We check all sites that had applied in order to be placed in the
      catalogue and addition to the search index. In our base will be
      included resources connected to Christian thematic only," say the
      developers of the Christian search engine.

      At present, besides search services, wwjd.ru has its own Christian
      mail service with 7 Gb disk space for each account, news block of all
      Christian confessions and its own 12 sections catalogue. There is
      also a Christian TV-online service.

      There is an Orthodox Iskomoe.ru search engine in Russia, launched in
      2004 but there has never existed a full-Christian search engine. The
      practice of the existence of similar search engines shows that a
      subject search engine has an advantage over global Google.com, as it
      gives the possibility to find necessary information for target groups
      quicker. Even if the search request is not fully connected to Church
      thematic the result page will show only web-sites that represent
      Christian point of view on different search topics, what makes the
      search of necessary information much easier.

      By reprinting a press release in Internet please use an active link

      (In order to see the original press-release in Russian go to

      Mr. Hraèoú (Hrachou) Andrei
      Director of the project
      Tel. +375-29-654-02-89
      E-mail: mail@... e-mail address is being protected from spam
      bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

      Orthodox Biz Editorial Note:

      I don't speak Russian, so I can't really check this site out. I hope
      that it is fair to Orthodoxy, which is true Christianity. The tone of
      this press release marks the writer as a Protestant who obviously has
      little regard for Orthodoxy. That said, why am I passing this
      information on?

      Because, if they are trying to do a Christian search engine, then
      Russian Orthodox shouldn't give them the option of ignoring the true
      church. If you Google English phrases such as "early church," "church
      fathers," "ancient Christianity," etc., you will be bombarded by
      search results which are Orthodox.

      The same thing needs to happen with this search engine. In the modern
      world, many people who either convert or revert to Orthodoxy do so
      with the assistance of the Internet. It is a vitally important part
      of Orthodox witness.

      That means that this portal, whose subtext is probably to challenge
      Orthodoxy, could be made to server Orthodoxy. That is - if the people
      running it are serious about being euceminical. If they aren't, let
      me know.

      Glen Chancy
      Publisher, Orthodox Biz

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