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  • Dimitra Dwelley
    Dear Aleksandr, Oy--was afraid of something like that. Sigh. Well, if you ever hear of or work out an English solution, please let me know, for my friends.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2007
      Dear Aleksandr,
          Oy--was afraid of something like that.  Sigh.  Well, if you ever hear of or work out an English solution, please let me know, for my friends.  Meanwhile, I've got more and more incentive to master my Church Slavonic :)
          Dimitra Dwelley

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      >> Will this program be able to put together the services in both

      English and Slavonic? (not necessarily in the same file) Aside from
      the obvious help to the readers and regents, it would be great, for
      example, to give to English-speaking people attending a Slavonic-only
      parish. They could follow along at Vigil and understand everything.
      (actually, if your computer has enough horsepower, an option for a
      parellel-on- the-same- page version would be tremendous).

      In theory, all of this is possible.

      In practice, we only can distribute free of charge the Slavonic and
      Greek texts because they are "public domain" (like the King James
      Bible). They have also been completely digitized and uploaded to the
      Internet by previous projects, such as orthlib.ru.

      English translations of texts, on the other hand, are copyrighted by
      various organizations. To my knowledge, the only English menaion
      available, for example, is that of SJKP, and its reproduction "is
      sinful and illegal". Our options (short of pirating an existing
      translation and then facing litigation) are either to negotiate rights
      with the copyright holders or to come up with our own translation and
      distribute it free of charge.

      I don't know whether SJKP or any other organization would be willing
      to make their text available for free, as it would constitute an
      obvious loss of revenue. On the other hand, coming up with our own
      translation of e.g. the Menaion would be a daunting task. (Though
      scanning existing texts and running them through OCR may not be any
      quicker given the scanning software I have access to). For this
      reason, we are currently only planning to include Slavonic and Greek
      liturgical texts.

      There may of course be a possibility of an English "add-on", which
      could be purchased from the translator. I, however, am opposed to
      something like this as a matter of principle -- God didn't copyright
      the Bible. Those wishing to make voluntary donations can direct them
      to the Holy Trinity Mission building fund at
      http://www.holytrin itymission. com/.


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