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Re: [orthodox-rocor] How Serious is This?

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  • Anna Taylor
    There are actually many of my parents generation who oppose reunification *at this time* for any number of potentially valid reasons. Anna T. ... From:
    Message 1 of 50 , Aug 28, 2006
      There are actually many of my parents' generation who oppose reunification *at this time* for any number of potentially valid reasons.
      Anna T.
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      Subject: Re: [orthodox-rocor] How Serious is This?

      I've mentioned a number of times that we all have a free will. If they wish to cut themselves off of the Church, this is sad, but it is their choice. Obviously, they will argue that it is we "who cut ourselves off of the Church with the unia etc....". We lost scores of clergymen and a large number of the laity who were turned off from our Church in the 1990s. Today, our Church Abroad is growing, and since 2001, the bleeding has stopped.
      The growth of the Russian Church Abroad is not only due to the influx of new emigrees.  In the midwest Chicago diocese, for example, where I was very familiar with the diocesan life, a number of missions from the 1990s are now standing parishes. In Oklahoma City, a church was build, in St. Loius, a flurishing parish in the city, in Cincinati, they are building a new church, in Weaton IL, a new parish is growning simultaniously as the Cathedral grows. In Houston, a new mission began to seriously look towards buying a church. These are not missions that "have taken from someone else."  A healthy ecclesiology will attrack tenfold the amount of people the Church may "lose." As Vladyka Evtikhy pointed out, those who are fighting the reunification of the Russian Church are wasting their time.
      If they feel they must leave, well, they have a free will. Let us remember that one third of the angelic hosts also fell.
      My guess is that if they try to form some type of new synod, they will split like the so-called Metropolitan Anthony Memorial Society. That is what schismatic groups do, they split like the protestants. How many groups claim to be under Metropolitan Vitaly?
      Wishing all a joyful Feast,
      Priest Victor Boldewskul
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      From: "Al Green" <aggreen1@yahoo. com>

      > Folks,
      > I've been engaged in a discussion on another list (Orthodoxy-or-
      > Death) with a Dr. E.L. Magerovsky, a communicant of ROCOR, (E.L.
      > Mager Live Journal: http://elmager. livejournal. com/ and Met. Anthony
      > Memorial Society: http://revniteli. livejournal. com/) and a person
      > who seems to be intensely working to put off or postpone
      > reunification with the ROC-MP. To one of his posts I wrote, somewhat
      > baitingly and with tongue-in-cheek: "Doctor, yours is a voice crying
      > in the wilderness. Your protest is waaaaay too late. For all intents
      > and purposes the reunification is a fait accompli. The only thing
      > left for you and those in ROCOR opposed to the reunion is to come up
      > with a new name for a Russian church in 'abstentia' for surely there
      > will be a schism."
      > Dr. Magerovsky sent an interesting response (note the omission of
      > the first hierarch's title): "Our protest is not 'way too late.'
      > Many of us began our protest in 2001 and the protest has been
      > growing ever since. And now, as the saying goes, 'it's not
      > over 'till it's over.' Laurus is now under a lot of pressure from
      > the 83 out of 126 delegates who are against the union.
      > A 'postponement' of the merger is what we are now looking for. If
      > not, the ROCOR will continue by those who wish to remain canonical.
      > Together we can form a diocese and even our own Synod, which will
      > not only allow us to properly separate from an uncanonical synod,
      > (that is, the MP absorbing ROCOR-Laurus) , but allow us to freely
      > maintain the canonical status of the Church Abroad."
      > The doctor seems quite serio us, but how serious is "his" protest
      > within the whole of ROCOR? Is there a chance he and those like him
      > could be successful?
      > Al
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    • DDD
      On Sun, 3 Sep 2006 10:06:26 -0400, Theodora Wright wrote: Thank you.  Sadly so many people do not have access to internet and the modern wonders of this
      Message 50 of 50 , Sep 3 7:14 PM
        On Sun, 3 Sep 2006 10:06:26 -0400, Theodora Wright wrote:
        Thank you.  Sadly so many people do not have access to internet and the
        modern wonders of this world.  Perhaps more vocal communications is needed.
        Who knows.  And yes, time will come when we are all called to account.  I
        find that happens every day  don't you?

        DD: Well, perhaps you could print out the articles on Fr. John Whiteford's web site in hard copy and keep them for those who cannot access the Internet. Just about all libraries have Internet access these days, though.

        What I was referring to was a very BIG change, what Fr. Seraphim Rose kept referring to, when he said, "Today [1970's or '80s] in Russia, tomorrow in America." -- that is, it seemed clear that he believed the persecution of Christians that was at that time going on in the then Soviet Union, would afterwards come to America. That is something greater than what we experience now "every day." Have you read "Fr. Arseny"? Highly recommended.

        I know this is not a comfortable thought to many. Many like to think that it will "never happen to us." All are free to think as they like.

        With love in Christ,
        Dimitra Dwelley
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