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  • DDD
    Dear Matushka, I am very sorry about the repose of your son s Godfather--thank you very much for sharing his inspiring life with us! May God give him rest
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 24, 2006
      Dear Matushka,

      I am very sorry about the repose of your son's Godfather--thank you very much for sharing his inspiring life with us! May God give him rest with the Saints!


      It is with great sorrow that we learned of the repose yesterday of Rustik Pavlovich Karnauch, former starosta of St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church in Houston and godfather of our youngest son. The Karnauch family was instrumental in the establishment and continuation of the parish in Houston. Rusty's grandfather and uncle were priests in Russia. His family was deeply pious, and a seminal event in his life was the time he spent as a "summer kid" at Jordanville. This made an impression on his heart, and when the new church on Tidwell Avenue was built, he had Jordanville's iconographer, Fr. Kyprian, make all the icons. It was a comfort, to my husband, on his first assignment as priest in 1989, to see the icon of the Holy Trinity from the downstairs chapel at Jordanville at the top of the iconostasis.

      These can be seen at:

      Though he was plagued throughout his life with recurring health problems, including cancer in several forms, he remained energetic and cheerful and trusted in God until the end. You can see his infection smile at the photos on the church web site:


      Whatever the church needed, he would do. He obtained a small house from the Baptists across the street and then moved it into the church parking lot so we would have a hall for trapeza, but also negotiated�to some day obtain�the house next door to the church, so we wouldn't always need the tiny church house. And now this nicer house belongs to the parish, and is where they have trapeza.�He and his family paved the parking lot, which had been clay and gravel, no small podvig in the Houston heat. In the times when there were no altar boys, Rusty would be the altar boy. He handled problems with electricity and plumbing, and hired a welder to make burgler bars in the form of an Orthodox Cross over the parish house windows so no one came in midweek.�He would clean the candle stands and sing in the choir every Sunday, reading the hours and Epistle as needed. He exhorted everyone to come to trapeza and further to bring something, leading one of my sons, at the age of five, to tell me one Sunday�that he needed to bring a certain package of cookies to church with him.

      "Okay, James, but, why?" I asked.
      "Because Uncle Rusty said that even the unmarried young men in the parish should bring something for twapeza, and Mom! I'm not married!"

      When my oldest was first an altar boy, and the candle he came out holding for the Gospel something like a Scott approaching the caber toss started to wobble to the point where we ladies in the congregation were audibly gasping, Rusty came and stood behind Nicholas and held the top of the candle steady, not taking the task away from the child, but relieving the rest of us of anxiety so we could focus on the words that Fr. George was reading.

      He was instrumental in helping Fr. Ljubomir with services when he became the rector, reading on kliros, helping him and his family get established, welcoming new comers to the parish, helping it grow. Fr. Ljubomir read the canon for the departure of the soul over him the other night, yesterday he reposed, and now a soul that worked tirelessly for the church is at rest. The pannikhida is Wednesday night and the funeral Thursday, both at St. Vladimir's, directions to which may be found at the parish web site.


      May his memory be eternal and may God comfort his brother Vladimir and sister Ludmilla and his children and Fr. Lubomir and the flock.

      With love in Christ,
      Matushka Ann Lardas
      now in Stratford, CT
      formerly of Houston

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