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A call to serve my LORD

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  • dipankar sarkar
    Dear co-laborers in Christ, Greeting to you in the name of our LORD. In this Harsh world we really need the ones having two clothes to give one to that who
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      Dear co-laborers in Christ,

      Greeting to you in the
      name of our LORD.
      In this Harsh world we really need the ones having two
      clothes to give one to that who doesnt have anything
      that whats the Scripture says. And when I see the
      wanting faces in our society I feel like to stretch my
      hands to them, to lead them in the path of the light
      of Christ.I got this inspiration while going through
      the life of Father Arseny a Russian monk during the
      communist persecution period in Russia.
      My ambition, dedication and vocation is to serve my
      LORD . I completed till two years of college Education
      in Commerce and Business Administration from
      St.xavier's College calcutta (total 16 years of
      Education completed from the beggining)with Diploma in
      Software Technology from ET&T Corp,and a diploma in
      Theology from World Harvest Bible Training Centre of
      New Jersy. I did a cource in Child and Youth
      motivation and spiritual training from France and
      Italy. I worked as a Community Developer and Aged
      Persons' caretaker in Taize Community in France. I
      also have a certificate in Habitat for Humanity
      Management training programme in Srilanka and
      Bangladesh. I have 2 years experience working in
      Habitat for Humanity in India as National Field
      Coordinator for Calcutta Branch and North East India.
      My work was generally to open an N.G.O and establish
      it from every facets and train the office workers to
      run the branch self sufficiently, community building,
      youth and campus oganiser,and Raising of funds
      coordinating directly with the National Executive
      Director.And has an experience of 3 years in Marketing
      and Office Administration prior joining Habitat in
      leading Mulitinational Companies like Gillete India,
      City Bank, etc. I was the president of W.W.F in my
      School and was the President of All India Catholic
      University fedaration in St. Xavier's College,
      At present I am working as a Cathecist and transletor
      in the Greek Orthodox Church here in Calcutta. I am a
      practising Greek Orthodox Christian . like to serve my
      LORD till the last drop of my blood and have the zeal
      to serve my LORD honestly and gutsfully.
      I Got a deep desire in my spirit to KNOW AND SERVE THE
      ORTHODOXY IN RUSSIA. I need your valuable advices and
      help from anyone who can enlight me on this regard.

      My name: Joakim Alfred Dipankar Sarkar

      Our Address : C/O Mr. Santosh Sarkar
      Thakur Pukur M.G. Road
      Opposite Sishusadan,
      Kolkata- 7000 063

      Email address: dipankar_14@...

      phone Numbers: 0091-33-2467-8484

      I will be highly blessed if I get a scope to learn and
      to serve our God.

      Thanking you,

      Your's in

      Servant of God Joakim Alfred
      Dipankar sarkar


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