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Re: [orthodox-rocor] Re: Deaconesses

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  • emrys@globe.net.nz
    Al, the bottom of the page gives the e-mail address of the website owner rila@ptd.net Also, one of the linked articles is from http://www.anastasis.org.uk/
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 31, 2004
      Al, the bottom of the page gives the e-mail address of the website owner

      Also, one of the linked articles is from
      This is the site of Fr Archimandrite Ephrem Lash, and he would know details
      about the deaconess site.

      His e-mail is ephrem@...
      and ephrem@...

      Fr Ambrose

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      From: "aggreen1" <aggreen1@...>
      To: <orthodox-rocor@yahoogroups.com>
      > ***There is no identification as to who is behind this web site,
      > although the articles seem authentic. I would like to link to it on my
      > web site, but the veracity of the web site developer is essential and
      > I do not want to link to a weirdo site. Does anyone on this list know
      > who developed this site on deaconesses? thanks,
    • Lewis H Whitaker
      What else would they be called? If this is a *re-introduction* of the role of deaconesses why would (or should) they be called anything else? Lew ... From:
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 31, 2004
        What else would they be called? If this is a *re-introduction* of the role
        of deaconesses why would (or should) they be called anything else?


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        From: aprmih [mailto:aprmih@...]
        Sent: Sunday, October 31, 2004 9:45 PM
        To: orthodox-rocor@yahoogroups.com
        Subject: [orthodox-rocor] Re: Deaconesses

        I don't have any objection to the re-introductions of the role of the
        deaconess into orthodox life. I do, however, suspect that because the
        name "deaconess" is the female variant of "deacon", the uninformed
        and/or the self-serving might be lead to believe and subsequently
        demand that the office have a more sacramental role than it did or
        should. This might not be the case in Ethiopia, but in N. America and
        Europe the likelihood is much higher. Why open the door to
        temptation? In short, do they *have* to be called "deaconessess"


        --- In orthodox-rocor@yahoogroups.com, <emrys@g...> wrote:
        > Dear Archpriest Fr Symeon,
        > Here is a useful site with articles and resources on "The Historical
        > Orthodox Deaconess"
        > http://www.angelfire.com/pa/deaconess/
        > My humble opinion is that by (re-)introducing deaconesses as, first
        of all,
        > "high ranking nuns" the Church of Greece is seeking to make it
        easier for
        > them to gain acceptance among the faithful. It is a transitional
        > Orthodox monastics, whether monks or nuns, have no real role in the
        type of
        > social work undertaken by deaconesses. We have no teaching orders,
        > medical orders, no missionary orders, etc. Monks and nuns are
        devoted to
        > lives of prayer and fasting and spiritual asceticism. Their models
        are the
        > monastics of the early life in the desert, Saint Anthony of Egypt,
        > Paul of Thebes. We form one great brotherhood and sisterhood with
        the same
        > spiritual work and traditions.
        > Deaconesses, on the other hand, had (will have again?) an active
        role to
        > play within the Church and its social life, its educational life,
        etc. This
        > is what the Greek bishops seem to be wanting to create themselves.
        > Here is something from a web article "DEACONESSES"
        > http://www.angelfire.com/pa/deaconess/article.html
        > The duties outlined are inappropriate to a monastic life, so
        > must eventually find their own role and work within the Church.
        > "The deaconess had specific duties. Among them was to instruct
        > female candidates for baptism, to assist at their baptism which was
        by total
        > immersion, they did the anointing with oil at the baptism as it was
        > considered proper for the male clergy to touch a woman, they
        visited and
        > cared for the sick, they were present at interviews of women with
        > bishops or priests, they dismissed women catechumens from the
        church and
        > kept general order in the women's section of the church (men and
        women were
        > segregated as they were up to about 25 years ago in our churches in
        > America), and they did other duties delegated by the bishop like
        helping the
        > poor. They were in a sense the educators of women in the faith and
        > workers. Deaconesses were ordained in the Eastern Church as late as
        the 12th
        > century. The office was disused in the Western Church somewhat
        > The Copts have already undertaken the creation of deaconesses in
        > contemporary church life. It seems that they have already
        encountered the
        > misunderstanding of the life of a nun and the life of a deaconess
        and they
        > are working on clarifying it.
        > "The Third Way" - a Coptic Church article about the successful
        > reintroduction of deaconesses into the modern life of the Coptic
        > http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2000/479/spec1.htm
        > Of course, what we are awaiting with bated breath is to see what,
        if any,
        > liturgical role the Church of Greece will assign to its deaconesses.
        > Fr Ambrose
        > ____________

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