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Re: [orthodox-rocor] Today's News (12-4-02)

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  • Fr Anthony Bridges
    Don t shoot the messenger! At least this has the potential to increase the American public s awareness that Orthodoxy exists. Once they know that, we can tell
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      Don't shoot the messenger!

      At least this has the potential to increase the American public's awareness that Orthodoxy exists. Once they know that, we can tell them about the issues.

      One step at a time.
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      From: Fr. John Whiteford
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      Subject: RE: [orthodox-rocor] Today's News (12-4-02)

      --- David Starr <dstarr@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the news, but January 6, N.S., is not
      > Orthodox
      > Epiphany--or Theophany. While it is nice that
      > Hallmark is
      > giving Holy Orthodoxy some coverage, it would be
      > misleading
      > at best to take credit for anything, however
      > picturesque or
      > piously celebrated, on Jan. 6, N.S., unless it were
      > the Eve
      > of the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord, God and
      > Saviour.
      > Please forgive the nit-picking, but the calendar is
      > still
      > an important issue, isn't it?
      > In Christ,
      > David Starr

      As the saying goes... I don't make the news, I just
      report it (and actually, in this case, I'm just
      forwarding it). :)

      Fr. John Whiteford
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    • volotsky@aol.com
      Message 2 of 13 , Dec 5, 2002
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        << The Church is not a democracy, an episcopal aristocracy nor yet an
        autocracy run from the Phanar; it is Christ's Body and Kingdom, and its
        earthly order is apostolic, traditional and conciliar ->>

        A quite correct point which is not in the slightest conveyed, proclaimed,
        communicated, spread abroad, or practiced by quibbling about when Orthodoxy
        gets "air time" in the secular media.

        <<- an order which has been wholly ignored in the disgraceful innovations of
        the past 80 years. >>

        Indeed nowhere in Orthodoxy is the canonical order of the Church more
        disregarded than in North America, starting with the founding of the Greek
        Archdiocese in 1922, which established non territorial often phyletestic,
        overlapping "jurisdictions" as the norm in North America. I am however quite
        happy that the Greeks are going to in some small way spread abroad the news
        that the Lord is God and hath revealed Himself to us.

        <<In America it is axiomatic that what the majority do is O.K., and what any
        quasi-ecclesial group calls itself is what it is. >>

        Of course several in fact heterodox "quasi-ecclesial" groups that call
        themselves Orthodox in America adhere strictly to the correct calendar. (A
        point all "True Orthodox" groups must concede since they all loudly proclaim
        why all the other True Orthodox groups are not)

        <<"Orthodox" in this context has almost no meaning. Should not this list at
        least insist on a traditional standard, just to keep clear in its own mind
        what it is? >>

        I had the impression that the ROCOR standard on the Calendar was that the Old
        was preferable and more correct but it was not a dogmatic issue. I don't
        think any jurisdiction has a standard about when hallmark specials should be
        shown on the television.

        Or is it that the very idea of a ROCOR list making note of a Greek
        Archdiocese water blesseng being televised is insufficiently seperating,
        insufficiently condemnatory, insufficiently anathematizing, insufficiently
      • DAVID STARR <dstarr@mail.sjcsf.edu>
        ... Dear Brother Joseph, It s good to hear from you. You are probably right about both these important points concerning ROCOR s positions. ... I m sorry I
        Message 3 of 13 , Dec 7, 2002
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          --- In orthodox-rocor@yahoogroups.com, volotsky@a... wrote:
          > ...I had the impression that the ROCOR standard on the Calendar was
          > that the Old was preferable and more correct but it was not a
          > dogmatic issue. I don't think any jurisdiction has a standard
          > about when hallmark specials should be shown on the television.

          Dear Brother Joseph,
          It's good to hear from you. You are probably right about both
          these important points concerning ROCOR's positions.
          > Or is it that the very idea of a ROCOR list making note of a Greek
          > Archdiocese water blesseng being televised is insufficiently
          > seperating, insufficiently condemnatory, insufficiently
          > anathematizing, insufficiently sectarian?

          I'm sorry I offended you, Joseph. No, that's not the point.
          (Incidentally, do you really think that anathemas demonstrate

        • john witte
          YOU HAVE NO CHOICE MUST RECORD THIS BROADCAST AND MAKE COPY FOR ME TO WATCH....pretty please ... From: Fr. John Whiteford To:
          Message 4 of 13 , Dec 31, 2002
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            WATCH....pretty please
            -----Original Message-----
            From: Fr. John Whiteford <frjohnwhiteford@...>
            To: orthodox-rocor@yahoogroups.com <orthodox-rocor@yahoogroups.com>
            Date: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 4:39 PM
            Subject: [orthodox-rocor] Today's News (12-4-02)

            >from: http://www.3saints.com/nn.html
            >Orthodox Epiphany Special To Air On NBC-TV And The
            >Hallmark Channel
            >GOARCH - December 03, 2002 - New York, NY – EPIPHANY:
            >THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, a special production of Greek
            >Orthodox Telecommunications (GOTelecom) with the
            >National Council of Churches and the Interfaith
            >Broadcasting Commission, will be available for
            >broadcast throughout the country at the discretion of
            >local NBC affiliates between Christmas and the end of
            >January 2003. The program will also be broadcast
            >nationally on the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, January
            >5, 2003 at 6:00am Eastern and Pacific Time, 5:00am
            >Central Time. (To review a complete listing of
            >affiliates, please visit http://epiphany.goarch.org).
            >Major underwriting for this program is being provided
            >by the Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment
            >Fund. Additional funding is being provided by Faith
            >and Values Media.
            >Epiphany or Theophany (the manifestation of God)
            >commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River
            >by St. John the Baptist. Of all the observances of
            >Epiphany throughout the world, none is more deeply
            >religious in tradition and significance or more
            >colorful, than in the Greek Orthodox Church; and
            >nowhere does the observance take place on the scale
            >witnessed in Tarpon Springs, Florida, the place where
            >Greek Epiphany and its traditions were introduced to
            >America over 100 years ago.
            >This one-hour production presents the timeless truths
            >of Orthodox Christianity as it tells the story of
            >celebration of Epiphany in Tarpon Springs, reaches
            >back in time with an overview of Orthodox faith and
            >traditions, and seeks to foster an understanding of
            >the true personal and universal meaning of Epiphany.
            >The program includes contemporary location footage and
            >archival still photos to illustrate and bring to life
            >interviews from several noted Orthodox theologians and
            >scholars led by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios,
            >Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America.
            >Program Overview
            >Entering Tarpon Springs, normally a city of 35,000, is
            >like entering a small part of Greece, especially on
            >January 6 when Epiphany is celebrated with great joy
            >and pageantry. Hundreds of pennants float in the
            >breeze; American and Greek flags fly everywhere.
            >Thousands of people from every faith and denomination,
            >from practically every state in the country come to
            >witness the impressive ceremony, which begins at St.
            >Nicholas Cathedral, an exquisite Byzantine structure.
            >As the Liturgy continues, interview comments present
            >the Orthodox meaning of Epiphany and baptism,
            >including the ecological and social implications of
            >the blessing of the waters. Visuals include historic
            >sites in Israel, the place of the life and ministry of
            >Christ, and iconography related to His baptism.
            >Further comments reflect on these places and events
            >and relate them to the celebration of Epiphany and to
            >Orthodox faith and practice.
            >Following the Divine Liturgy and blessing of the
            >waters, Archbishop Demetrios, hierarchs, clergy,
            >dignitaries and thousands of people form an impressive
            >procession to Spring Bayou, with school children in
            >traditional costumes, choir members, Greek Folk dance
            >groups from throughout the United States and Canada,
            >civic officials and representatives of Hellenic
            >organizations. There, an invocation is recited, a
            >young lady releases a white dove to fly over the
            >Bayou, and the Archbishop casts a white cross into the
            >water. Some fifty young men dive for the cross, each
            >seeking the honor of retrieving it. The winner then
            >kneels with the cross before the Archbishop for a
            >Viewers will see joyful images of the Epiphany
            >celebration, while comments will emphasize that our
            >lives are illuminated by the Light of Christ, a light
            >that leads all of us to offer our faith and our
            >service to others.
            >Annual Program of the NCCC
            >Every year the National Council of the Churches of
            >Christ in the USA selects a faith group to produce a
            >special program for NBC television stations to air
            >during the holiday season. Epiphany: The Festival of
            >Lights is being offered to NBC affiliated and NBC
            >owned and operated stations throughout the country.
            >The scheduling of this type of program is dependent
            >upon each affiliate’s recognition of viewer interest.
            >To help with scheduling the Epiphany special in your
            >area, contact your local NBC station and ask them to
            >air this holiday program on their station anytime
            >between December 25 and the end of January.
            >Epiphany: The Festival of Lights is available for
            >purchase beginning on January 2, 2003. To order by
            >mail send $25 plus $6 shipping and handling to
            >GOTelecom, 8 East 79th Street, NY, NY 10021, or call
            >(212) 570-3588.
            >For more specific information and for a viewing
            >schedule, contact Marissa Costidis, Managing Director
            >of GOTelecom at (212) 570-3588 or email at
            >To find areas carrying the program log on to
            >OCMC Announces 2003 Mission Teams
            >GOARCH - December 3, 2002 - St. Augustine, Fla (OCMC)
            >– The Orthodox Christian Mission Center announces the
            >largest number of its scheduled short-term mission
            >teams ever. Ten mission teams are planned for the
            >summer of 2003, which is a 25% increase since last
            >In 2003 OCMC Mission Teams will teach, build, baptize,
            >nurture and heal in local Orthodox communities around
            >the world. Groups of 2 to 24 volunteers will donate
            >their time, money and energy to witness the Orthodox
            >Christian faith through a variety of activities. The
            >trips will last from one to three weeks and will take
            >place between mid-July and early October.
            >Projects range from building a church in Ghana,
            >nurturing infants in Romania, caring for orphaned
            >children in Guatemala and offering Medical assistance
            >in Uganda. While all team volunteers will be
            >witnessing the faith, some teams will focus primarily
            >on teaching. Teaching teams to Alaska, India and Ghana
            >will offer catechism classes, seminars, retreats and
            >bible studies and will visit remote villages.
            >All short-term mission teams are made up of Orthodox
            >Christian volunteers following in the footsteps of the
            >saints who are ready and willing to share their faith.
            >They are teachers, clergy, seminarians, youth workers,
            >contractors, healthcare professionals, students and
            >anyone willing to offer their skills and love to serve
            >God by serving on a Mission Team in 2003.
            >The 2003 Mission Teams are:
            >o 4 teams to Alaska – This was the first land in North
            >America to receive the fullness of the Gospel in the
            >Holy Orthodox Faith. Today, however, the Alaskan
            >Church and our Native American brothers and sisters
            >face many hardships. Three volunteer teaching teams of
            >10 each will travel to remote villages in Alaska from
            >4 to 14 August 2003. Teams will focus on the Yukon,
            >Kodiak Island, and Dilligham/Newhalen areas.
            >Additionally a teaching team of six volunteers will go
            >to Fairbanks, 13 to 21 September 2003 to work with
            >University Students in the area.
            >o 2 to Ghana – At the request of His Grace Bishop
            >PANTELEIMON, at least two teams will go to Ghana to
            >aid in the growth of the Church. This is a wonderful
            >opportunity to help our brothers and sisters in Christ
            >where the Orthodox Church is still in its early stages
            >of growth. There are two kinds of teams - evangelism
            >and construction each composed of 8 – 10 volunteers.
            >The evangelism team will visit villages from 1 to 22
            >August where Orthodoxy has already been established as
            >well as areas where the Faith has not yet taken hold.
            >The evangelism team will be composed of 8 volunteers
            >with a firm grasp of the Orthodox Faith but not
            >necessarily catechists. The construction team
            >consisting of 10 volunteers will work closely with
            >local volunteers in the construction of a church and
            >assist in local evangelistic efforts from 1-22 July
            >o Guatemala – The Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage, the
            >only Orthodox orphanage in Guatemala, welcomes orphans
            >and lost, abandoned and battered children from the
            >streets of Guatemala City. The mission team to
            >Guatemala, consisting of 24 volunteers, will take
            >place from 12 July to 2 August 2003. Team members will
            >assist in classroom activities and teach the children
            >by sharing the richness of the Holy Orthodox Faith.
            >o Romania – 8 Volunteers are needed to assist
            >long-term missionaries Craig and Victoria Goodwin at
            >the newly established Protection of the Theotokos
            >Infant and Maternal Center. The purpose of this center
            >is to prevent child abandonment and to nurture the
            >bond between mother and child (infants 0-24 months)
            >discouraging abortion and abandonment while increasing
            >strong family ties for infants. This team will travel
            >7 to 21 August 2003.
            >o Uganda – Health care professionals have always been
            >an integral part of the holistic mission of the
            >Orthodox Church. This mission team will consist of
            >physicians, physicians’ assistants, and nurses (RN and
            >LPN). There is also need for a surgeon and a dentist
            >at the main hospital, as well as a surgeon for basic
            >medicine in some of the villages. A pharmacist would
            >be useful managing the medications. Volunteers will
            >treat mostly tropical diseases, e.g. malaria, leprosy,
            >TB, as well as secondary infections from AIDS, general
            >aches, pains and infections. Medical volunteers will
            >work in pairs. Due to the heavy schedules of most
            >health care professionals a schedule will be developed
            >to allow for rotating replacement during a six-week
            >period from 13 July to 23 August 2003.
            >o India - This unique team will travel to India in the
            >footsteps of the Apostle Thomas who first brought the
            >Gospel message to India. Due to local conditions and
            >the nature of this trip, it is limited to members of
            >the clergy who will serve as teachers and catechists
            >alongside local clergy provide the sacraments. The
            >region of India is Calcutta/Bengal, and the trip is
            >from 8 September to 1 October 2003.
            >For more information contact The Orthodox Christian
            >Mission Center at teams@... or (904) 829-5132 or
            >PO Box 4319, St. Augustine, FL, 32085. Team
            >applications are on line at www.ocmc.org/teams/index
            >or upon request by email or regular mail. Please
            >indicate in requests the preference to receive the
            >application by e-mail or regular mail. ORTHODOX
            >CHRISTIAN MISSION CENTER (OCMC) - http://www.ocmc.org
            >CHURCH, B e l g r a d e, December 2, 2002
            >After listening to the field reports of those Council
            >members who were present, the Council has concluded
            >that, after more than three and one half years since
            >the arrival of the international community as
            >represented by UNMIK and KFOR, the situation in Kosovo
            >and Metohija is not improving; on the contrary, it is
            >deteriorating even further. This conclusion is based
            >on the facts that even today everyday attacks on the
            >remaining Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija are occurring,
            >as well as new murders, injuries, lootings,
            >destructions of churches and especially during the
            >most recent period, the frequent destruction and
            >desecration of cemeteries.
            >All these known facts and others attest clearly to
            >both the ultimate intentions of Albanian extremists to
            >destroy every last vestige of the existence of the
            >Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as the failure
            >of the international community's mission to fulfil its
            >promises and the responsibilities which it undertook
            >by Resolution 1244, to enable peaceful and safe life
            >for all, the return of all expelled persons to their
            >homes, and respect for the fundamental human rights of
            >all residents of Kosovo and Metohija. The attempt of
            >those responsible from the international community to
            >cover up the actual difficult situation of the Serbs
            >through statements regarding the general improvement
            >of security in Kosovo and Metohija while, on the other
            >hand, encouraging the perpetrators to continue
            >committing crimes is incomprehensible.
            >The Council was not content only with establishing the
            >difficult situation in Kosovo and Metohija, but also
            >undertook a series of concrete measures directed
            >toward, on the one hand, the Governments of Serbia and
            >Yugoslavia, which are expected to demonstrate greater
            >engagement in cooperating with the international
            >community in protecting the rights of all citizens of
            >Kosovo and Metohija, as well as greater assistance to
            >the Serbs in Kosovo and, on the other hand, toward the
            >international community, which is firmly asked and
            >expected to demonstrate through its engagement
            >complete objectivity and maximum engagement in the
            >protection of the personal and property safety of all
            >citizens, regardless of their nationality.
            >The Council also calls in brotherly and fatherly
            >fashion on the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, and
            >especially on Serb returnees, to persist in remaining
            >and surviving in Kosovo and Metohija, and calls on all
            >Serbs and all people of good will to help the Serb
            >community in this holy land.
            >At the same time, the Council adopted the proposal of
            >Bishop Atanasije (Jevtic) to update the memorandum on
            >Kosovo and Metohija as soon as possible with the
            >latest information in order to share it with the
            >international community. The proposal that the next
            >meeting of this Council be held at one of the
            >monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija was adopted with
            >The Serbian Patriarchate, Belgrade, December 2, 2002
            >Pope asks Orthodox patriarch for open channel of
            >VATICAN CITY (CNS) - Dec-2-2002 - Pope John Paul II
            >has called again for a new, open channel of
            >communication between the Catholic and Orthodox
            >churches. Regular and more frequent exchanges of
            >information are needed "to make our relations more
            >harmonious and to coordinate our common efforts in a
            >more effective way," the pope wrote to the ecumenical
            >Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople. The papal letter
            >to Patriarch Bartholomew, spiritual leader of the
            >world's Orthodox churches, was delivered by Cardinal
            >Walter Kasper, president of the Pontifical Council for
            >Promoting Christian Unity. The cardinal led a Vatican
            >delegation to Istanbul for the Nov. 30 celebration of
            >the feast of the ecumenical patriarchate's patron
            >saint, Andrew the Apostle. Patriarch Bartholomew sends
            >a delegation to Rome each year for the June 29 feast
            >of Sts. Peter and Paul, the Vatican's patron saints.
            >Panagioti Stratigeas, beloved father of Metropolitan
            >PAVLOS of America, reposed in the Lord early Monday
            >morning. He was 83 years old
            >Mr. Stratigeas was born in Greece, came to the United
            >States as an infant and, grew up in New York City
            >where he lived all his life. He was a veteran of the
            >United States Army having landed at Normandy with the
            >U.S. Third Army soon after D-Day. He fought under
            >General Patton through France and into Germany. He
            >reached the rank of Sergeant and stayed with the Third
            >Army for the duration of the war.
            >In civilian life, Mr. Stratigeas, was shoe designer
            >and a professional violin player. He married Maria
            >Astyfides, who reposed ten years ago. He is survived
            >by his son, and his two brothers George and Sotirios.
            >He will be missed by everyone at the Cathedral of
            >Saint Markella, where he was an active and much loved
            >member of the community. May his memory be eternal!
            >+Bishop Christodoulos
            >Holy Metropolis of the Greek Orthodox
            >Old Calendar Church of America
            >22-68 26th Street
            >Astoria, N.Y. 11105
            >SOC - December 2, 2002, The situation in Kosovo-
            >Metohija is deteriorating three years after the
            >deployment of UNMIK and KFOR, which is testified to by
            >daily attacks against the Serbs, killings, looting,
            >devastation and desecration of Serbian churches and
            >cemeteries, the Kosovo-Metohija Council of the Holy
            >Bishops_ Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church said.
            >A statement said that the events unambiguously
            >demonstrate that Albanian extremists intended to
            >destroy every trace of the Serbian existence in
            >Kosmet, and that the UN mission had failed to
            >implement Resolution 1244 and create conditions for
            >the return of the displaced.
            >Hellenic College Wins $2 Million Grant From Lilly
            >Endowment To Establish Center For Theological Study Of
            >GOARCH - December 02, 2002, Brookline, MA – Hellenic
            >College is one of 39 colleges and universities in the
            >country to receive a $2 million grant from Lilly
            >Endowment Inc. that begins or enhances programs that
            >help prepare a new generation of leaders for church
            >and society. This five-year implementation grant will
            >initiate the College's "We Offer These Gifts" project.
            >"Our Hellenic College and Holy Cross family, trustees,
            >faculty, staff and students, embraces with respect and
            >resolve this visionary and generous grant from the
            >Lilly Foundation," said President, Rev. Fr. Nicholas
            >C. Triantafilou. "The foundation's gift offers an
            >opportunity for creative exploration and practical
            >application of a sensitive and life effecting area of
            >service to our young people."
            >"We Offer These Gifts" will establish for Hellenic
            >College an Office for Vocations and Ministries to
            >provide high school and college students with
            >opportunities to discern their life's vocations,
            >including the possibility of pursuing ordination in
            >the Orthodox Church. The Office will create vocational
            >assessment programs for Hellenic College
            >undergraduates, a summer institute for high school
            >students, and offer opportunities for Faculty and
            >administration to reflect on and develop their
            >vocations through seminars and grants. "We Offer These
            >Gifts" will also firmly establish a national Office
            >for Orthodox Christian Fellowships (OCF), a North
            >American, inter-Orthodox effort to develop and
            >coordinate campus ministry programs.
            >The grant "will create a heretofore non-existent
            >program where Orthodox young adults will have the
            >opportunity to consider their life goals and faith
            >convictions within a theologically oriented
            >conversation," according to His Eminence Archbishop
            >Demetrios. "Such conversations will, I hope and pray,
            >lead these young individuals along a path of service
            >to their Church, community, and the world."
            >Created in 1937, the Endowment is a private
            >philanthropic foundation that supports the causes of
            >religion, education, and community development as well
            >as initiatives that benefit youth, foster leadership
            >education among nonprofit institutions, and promote
            >the causes of philanthropy and volunteerism.
            >Founded in 1968, Hellenic College is the only fully
            >accredited, four-year Orthodox Christian college in
            >America. It offers a liberal arts education with
            >concentrations in Classics, Elementary Education,
            >Human Development, Management & Leadership, Management
            >Information Systems and Religious Studies. This award
            >is the largest grant given to Hellenic College and
            >Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.
            >Hellenic College and Holy Cross, Greek Orthodox School
            >Of Theology - Tel: (617) 731-3500
            >New Trustees Appointed To The St. Photios Foundation
            >GOARCH - December 02, 2002, St. Augustine, FL -- The
            >Executive Director of the Saint Photios Greek Orthodox
            >National Shrine, V. Rev. Nicholas Graff, announced the
            >2003-2004 St. Photios Foundation Board of Trustees.
            >The officers of the St. Photios Foundation are:
            >Chairman, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of
            >America; President, His Grace Bishop Alexios of
            >Atlanta; Vice President, Mr. Harry Cavalaris of
            >Charlotte, NC; Treasurer, Ms. Maria Carantzas of
            >Jacksonville, FL; and Secretary, Mr. Anthony Megas, of
            >Jacksonville, FL.
            >The appointed Diocesan Representatives are the
            >following: Archdiocese District, Mr. Andre Gregory and
            >Mrs. Aspacia Melis; Diocese of Chicago, Rev. Anargyros
            >Stavropoulos and Mrs. Joanne Stavrakas; Diocese of San
            >Francisco, Mr. Paul Sogotis; Diocese of Pittsburgh,
            >Rev. George Pappas and Mr. Angelo Koukoulis; Diocese
            >of Boston, Rev. Paul Pantelis and Mr. John
            >Grossmanides; Diocese of Denver, Rev. Constantine
            >Pavlakos and Mr. Harry Plomarity; Diocese of Atlanta,
            >Mr. Peter Carantza, Mrs. Cina Daskalakis, Mr. George
            >Parandes, Dr. Steve Poulos, and Dr. Manuel Tissura;
            >Diocese of Detroit Rev. Nicholas Pathenos and Mr.
            >George Reganis; and from the Diocese of New Jersey,
            >Mr. Christopher D'Anna and Mr. Christopher Skenteris.
            >The Ex-Officio Trustees are His Grace Bishop Dimitrios
            >of Xanthos, Archdiocese Coordinator; Dr. Anthony
            >Limberakis, Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of
            >the Order of St. Andrew; Mrs. Georgia Skeadas,
            >National Ladies Philoptochos Society; Mr. Andrew
            >Athens, United Hellenic American Congress (UHAC); Dr.
            >James Dimitriou, Order of the American Hellenic
            >Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA).
            >The Ex-Officio Trustee members from Holy Trinity Greek
            >Orthodox Church in St. Augustine, FL, Rev. Nikitas
            >Theodosion and Mr. Mikae Gaetanos; from St. Demetrios
            >Greek Orthodox Church in Daytona Beach, FL, Rev.
            >Nicholas Manousakis and Mr. George Pappas; and from
            >St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church in
            >Jacksonville, FL, V. Rev. Nicholas Graff and Mr.
            >Nicholas Furris.
            >The Emeritus Board members include: Chairman Emeritus,
            >His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos; President Emeritus,
            >His Grace Bishop John of Amorion; Mr. Peter Bouras of
            >FL; Mrs. Eula Carlos of GA; Dr. George Croffead of SC;
            >Mr. Charles Masterpolis of GA; Mr. Ted Pappas of FL;
            >and Honorary Member, Mr. Ernest Villas of MA.
            >The St. Photios Foundation Board of Trustees will meet
            >for their Annual Trustees Meeting in St. Augustine,
            >Florida during the Annual St. Photios National Shrine
            >Pilgrimage on February 1 and 2, 2003. Fr. Graff
            >expressed, “We serve to the glory of God, in
            >faithfulness to our Holy Orthodox Church, and in total
            >fidelity to our beloved St. Photios Shrine, our
            >Archdiocese, and our Archbishop.” The term of the
            >Board will expire in December 2004.
            >The St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine is a
            >living memorial to the first Greek settlers on the
            >American continent and to all the Greek Orthodox
            >pioneers whose love of freedom and desire for a better
            >life for themselves and their children brought them to
            >this New World. The St. Photios National Shrine is
            >located in historic downtown St. Augustine, Florida,
            >at 41 St. George Street.
            >Contact: Andrew J. Lekos, Tel: (904) 829-8205 - Fax
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            >SOC - November 29, 2002 - Prof. Dr. Vojislav
            >Milovanovic, arch architect of the Memorial Temple of
            >Saint Sava at Vracar advised today the Information
            >Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church that the total
            >amount of funds collected at the donors' dinner held
            >in the Intercontinental hotel in Belgrade on November
            >26 is YUD 81,808,444.00. The Serbian Orthodox Church
            >once again expresses sincere gratitude to and prays to
            >the Lord and to Saint Sava for all the contributors
            >who observe the words of the Holy Script: each one
            >must do as he has made up his mind, not reluctantly or
            >under compulsion (II Cor. 9:7)
            >SOC - Novi Pazar, November 28, 2002 - In the last
            >couple of days the Monastery of Sopocani was several
            >times shot at, and several Serbs have been beaten in
            >Novi Pazar this week without any reason. The nature of
            >these attacks is clear since they were accompanied
            >with verbal insulting involving national
            >characteristics. The incidents happened in the period
            >November 25-28, 2002. It is expected that the
            >authorised state organs should undertake legal steps
            >against the criminals.
            >The Committee for the Protection of the Human Rights
            >from Novi Pazar noted the following cases:
            >November 27, 2002 at 14:30 - a group of unknown people
            >fired several gun shots at the Sopocani Monastery,
            >from the very place from which - about a month ago -
            >70 shots were fired at the Monastery; the
            >investigation was carried out by the investigative
            >judge and the persecutor from Novi Pazar, and by the
            >authorised organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
            >eight cartridges were found at the place of
            >November 28, 2002 - shots were heard several times in
            >the immediate vicinity of the Sopocani Monastery.
            >November 25, 2002, Monday, at 13:05 - Licina Enad from
            >Novi Pazar beat Desimir Milosavljevic, teacher of the
            >primary school "Vuk Karadzic", on the market and fled
            >after inflicting injuries.
            >November 27, 2002, Wednesday - when getting into the
            >bus certain person with surname Vrsanin kicked in the
            >face the boy Bojan Letic born in 1985 and inflicted
            >serious injuries on him. The boy is in the hospital.
            >November 28, 2002 - Zumberovic Alija, father of a
            >pupil, beat Slavko Markovic, the professor of the
            >Serbian language, in the high school in Novi Pazar.
            >The incident took place in front of the professor's
            >office, before the eyes of the other pupils.
            >Information Service of the Diocese of Raska-Prizren
            >There is Hardly a Gravestone or Cross Left Intact at
            >the Serbian Graveyard in Decani
            >SOC - Gracanica, November 28, 2002 - Unknown attackers
            >once again desecrated Serbian Orthodox graveyard near
            >the Monastery of Visoki Decani. The monastics of
            >Decani visited today the graveyard escorted by Italian
            >KFOR, and found out that graves were desecrated and
            >trees cut down. The Orthodox graveyard in Decani is
            >1km away from the very Monastery and only one hundred
            >metres away from the Italian KFOR check point and
            >headquarters. The graveyard has been devastated and
            >there is hardly a gravestone left intact. With sorrow
            >does the Diocese of Raska-Prizren state that the
            >desecration of Orthodox graveyards in Kosovo and
            >Metochia continues and that, it seems, no one is able
            >to stop these vandal, senseless acts which threaten to
            >erase the last trace of the existence of the Serbian
            >people in this region.
            >SOC - Kragujevac, November 25, 2002 - A commemorative
            >volume dedicated to the 40th anniversary of
            >archpastoral work of His Grace Dr. Sava Vukovic,
            >Bishop of Sumadija of blessed memory, was presented in
            >the Diocese Centre in Kragujevac. Many church and
            >state officials attended this important event: Their
            >Eminences Amfilohije - Metropolitan of Montenegro and
            >the Littoral and Nikolaj - Metropolitan of
            >Dabro-Bosnia, His Grace Constantine - Bishop of
            >Central Europe, priests and monastics of the Diocese
            >of Sumadija; Dr Vojislav Kostunica - President of the
            >FR Yugoslavia, the Mayor of Kragujevac, academicians
            >and scientists: Prof. Jovanka Kalic, Prof. Sreten
            >Petkovic and Danica Petrovic - the editors of this
            >commemorative volume; cousins of the Bishop of blessed
            >memory, professors and pupils of the Seminary of
            >Kragujevac as well as a great number of friends and
            >admirers of Bishop Sava, one of the greatest Serbian
            >hieararchs in the last two centuries.
            >The host of this gathering, Bishop of Sumadija Jovan,
            >delivered the introductory word and pointed out the
            >great contribution of his predecessor to the Church
            >life in general, saying: "We can only pray to God that
            >Bishop Sava represents us before the throne of our
            >Jesus Christ, since Bishop Sava comprehended the time
            >in which he lived and knew what to do for the benefit
            >of his Church and his people".
            >Prof. Jovanka Kalic commented on the commemorative
            >volume and reminded that:"….Bishop Sava started
            >everything with a prayer. He always had a gentle word
            >for everyone, the serene word. He left an enormous
            >heritage and that is how the idea came about to edit
            >this commemorative volume. The first part of the
            >volume is dedicated to the work and biography of
            >Bishop Sava; the second part contains bibliography
            >starting from 1954 till present; the third part
            >includes works dedicated to the church education,
            >church art as well as texts relating to the church
            >history; finally, the fourth part includes historical
            >texts important for all of us." Professor Kalic
            >finished her review saying: "At the road of great
            >predecessors I see Saint Sava, Bishop Nikolaj and
            >Bishop Sava of Sumadija".
            >After this, Prof. Dr. Danica Petrovic, the editor,
            >addressed the people present and, showing visibly her
            >emotions, said: "What can I say more after such
            >notable speakers? Bishop Sava gave us faith,
            >persistence, wisdom and this is a small gift for all
            >the bridges that he built between the Serbian Orthodox
            >Church and the Academy and other scientific
            >institutions. He impressed a stamp of spirituality by
            >common creation, multiple one and of multiple meaning
            >in this hard period. Time will show who Bishop Sava
            >was and what he meant. How he bore and how he
            >completed bearing his cross we, his flock, know best".
            >Then Ms Petrovic thanked all the authors who
            >contributed to this commemorative volume, its donors,
            >translators and proofreaders. Zorica Salijevic
            >Fr. John Whiteford
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