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Re: [orthodox-rocor] Re: The fast isn't hard. Sin is hard...

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  • Rudolph Carrera
    It s posts like this, good wisdom given with a gentle heart by a collection of good men, that has kept me on this mailing list. I have to take in a lot of
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      It's posts like this, good wisdom given with a gentle heart by a collection of good men, that has kept me on this mailing list.  I have to take in a lot of protein after having a major surgery.  One can do far worse than egg whites, and they mix relatively well with spinach.  It's not the best eating, but it's allowed me to recover from my wounds rather quickly.



      On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 3:02 AM, jsbaglien <jbaglien@...> wrote:

      I am much of Fr. Seraphim's opinion. To his point, "Do not eat for pleasure - eat as if food is medicine", I sometimes bless the use of pasteurized egg white to meet such medical needs. My rationale for this particular recommendation is twofold. First, it is a source of complete, high quality protein, which can be consumed in a number of ways. Second, there is little pleasure in consuming it in any form, and so it's not much of a temptation for anyone else in the family to see someone else having it, as would be the case with 'regular' non-Lenten food.

      Priest James Baglien

      --- In orthodox-rocor@yahoogroups.com, Seraphim Holland <seraphim@...> wrote:
      > I do not think you have a conundrum. Make no provision for the flesh. The
      > "flesh" is not your stomach and pancreas, and the rest of your body - it is
      > your desires, habits, priorities, passions - anything that is contrary to
      > the will of God.
      > Do not eat for pleasure - eat as if the food is medicine. Do you like
      > scrambled eggs? Eat them hardboiled, without salt. Do you like tuna salad?
      > Eat tuna out of the can without condiments. Do you love Montery Jack
      > cheese? Eat American cheese - and not on a sandwich.
      > In this way, you keep the spirit of the fast - as long as you are also
      > struggling to pray, and fast from sins.
      > I remember when a woman with stomach problems told me she needed yogurt
      > during the fast. I said that was fine, if she treated it like medicine. I
      > then asked if she loved yogurt with jelly or preserves at the bottom. She
      > smiled and enthusiastically said "Yes!". I told her to eat plain yogurt.
      > The flesh is wily and insatiable. Learn to recognize its whining, and leave
      > it outside, like a spoiled barking dog.


      Rudy Carrera
      Los Angeles, California, USA - Skopje, Macedonia - Naples, Italy
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