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Re: [orthodox-rocor] Re: Haiti Mission

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  • morechoff@aol.com
    Sorry but yes, it seems to me to very unchristian to me as well. Many of the people under Met. Agafangel in Haiti have no idea who he is or that they are in
    Message 1 of 31 , Jan 17, 2010
      Sorry but yes, it seems to me to very unchristian to me as well.  Many of the people under Met. Agafangel in Haiti have no idea who he is or that they are in schism and what all that means. They are just trying to be good Orthodox Christians the best they can.

      Lets put our differences away for a bit and help all those Orthodox (and none Orthodox) in need in Haiti. There is much suffering in Haiti today by all. It is all very sad.  I cannot see how God would punish people trying to help others no matter what religion they are.


      From what I have read on the internet all three Orthodox priests in Haiti have been accounted for and are all alive.

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      Wow, where is the love of Christ is this mindset?  Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us.  Aleksandra Adamiak

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      Of course one can, and must, help those suffering outside the Church, including those who are unknowingly in schism. However, Fr. John, and myself, would be negligent in our pastoral duty if we fail to note that it would be totally improper to do so through a schismatic organization. Better to give to secular organizations then to any mission under monk Agafangel. By offering financial support to a schismatic organization, no matter how benevolent the intentions, you are aiding an organization that is leading people into Hell, where the eternal suffering will be worse that any earthly calamity.
      One may disagree, that is your choice, but Father John Whiteford is 100 percent correct on this.
      With love in Christ,
      Priest Victor Boldewskul
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      I dont agree. The Orthodox under Met. Agafangel are innocent and have no clue about the "politics".  They need help just like the ROCOR Orthodox do. They have suffered the same calamity.

      By all means give to ROCOR, but if you can, also give to the other group.

      I trust that the money donated to both groups will make it to the appropriate people.

      I saw in the LA Times today the 100 Catholic priests are still unaccounted for.

      Its a terrible tragedy for all.

      I sincerely hope that when the time is right here in the near future a few ROCOR priests bishops will travel to Haiti to give physical support.

      I am sure that Father Williams (this is Father Gregory Williams son who is a Deacon) will attempt to locate and assist all Orthodox clergy in Haiti regardless of jurisdiction.  I have no idea what jurisdiction Father Williams.


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      From: Priest Seraphim Holland <seraphim@orthodox. net>
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      > I disagree.  We should send our money to legitimate Orthodox entities.  Those entities should reach out to those under Agafangel and provide and needed help that their own people are not already providing.

      ABSOLUTELY. The others are opportunists, and I do not trust them. Of course, some may be good, but I definitely trust our mission there. They were dealt a terrible blow by the stupidity and hubris of one of their former benefactors, and yet, they have grown beyond all expectation to 2000 members.

      The Fund for assistance (http://orthodox. net/redeemingthe time/2010/ 01/13/haiti- earthquake- relief-from- the-fund- for-assistance/)will be working with the IOCC to target aid to our suffering brethren first.

      Our parish will collect and give to the FFA. They may turn around and give to the IOCC, because there may be matching money. The point is, I trust the FFA to do the right thing.

      I have written to the IOCC offering my services. I am also a nurse. I have no idea how I could pull this off financially, but I figure if things come together, it is the right thing to do. If you are willing, please remember me in the Divine Liturgy a few times, until I see what God's will for my involvement is.

      Priest Seraphim Holland
      St Nicholas (soon to be!) McKinney Texas. http://www.orthodox .net
      seraphim@orthodox. net

    • Alex Petrovsky
      Update from Fr. Matthew Williams from Haiti, along with some photos. http://orthodoxhaiti.org/
      Message 31 of 31 , Jan 23, 2010
        Update from Fr. Matthew Williams from Haiti, along with some photos.


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