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7801Please Pray for My Friend

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  • Athanasios Jayne
    Aug 31, 2007
      Dear Fathers, brothers, and sisters in Christ,

      Please remember in your prayers my friend Bill (or
      William, non-Orthodox), who recently had a pace-maker
      /defibillator installed due to a brain injury which he
      received from a rocket attack while serving in Iraq as
      a medical officer.

      He received this device because of a cardiac arrest,
      which thankfully occurred while he was working in a
      hospital operating room, and so he was able to receive
      immediate life-saving care.

      The pace-maker surgery went well, but now he has had
      another apparent cardiac arrest, last week, while he
      was riding his bicycle. He survived, but was found
      unconscious and had very low blood oxygen levels.
      He is now recovering, and appears to be OK, but I fear
      that this could happen again at any time, and that he
      may not survive.

      So, I would be very thankful if you would mercifully
      remember my friend of the last 20 years, that he might
      have many years more, and if not, that he would be
      prepared to "have a good defense before the dread
      judgment seat of Christ." He also has a wife, Kim,
      who is disabled and depends on him.

      My sincere thanks--and may God bless you for this

      Athanasios Jayne