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5946Re: [orthodox-rocor] Re: How Serious is This?

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  • DDD
    Sep 3, 2006
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      On Sun, 3 Sep 2006 10:06:26 -0400, Theodora Wright wrote:
      Thank you.  Sadly so many people do not have access to internet and the
      modern wonders of this world.  Perhaps more vocal communications is needed.
      Who knows.  And yes, time will come when we are all called to account.  I
      find that happens every day  don't you?

      DD: Well, perhaps you could print out the articles on Fr. John Whiteford's web site in hard copy and keep them for those who cannot access the Internet. Just about all libraries have Internet access these days, though.

      What I was referring to was a very BIG change, what Fr. Seraphim Rose kept referring to, when he said, "Today [1970's or '80s] in Russia, tomorrow in America." -- that is, it seemed clear that he believed the persecution of Christians that was at that time going on in the then Soviet Union, would afterwards come to America. That is something greater than what we experience now "every day." Have you read "Fr. Arseny"? Highly recommended.

      I know this is not a comfortable thought to many. Many like to think that it will "never happen to us." All are free to think as they like.

      With love in Christ,
      Dimitra Dwelley
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