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      December 11, 2002

      +++ Real Break 2003 +++

      Real Break 2003 registration has begun and there are only a limited
      number of spots for each trip, We have 10 trips planned to Project
      Mexico, Hogar Rafael Ayau in Guatemala, Rafael House in San
      Francisco, St. Basil's Academy in New York, St. Spyridon Mission in
      Puerto Rico and Ionian Village in Greece. The earlier you register
      the better. You can start fundraising immediately. Failure to
      register before January 20th 2003 could result in increased cost of a
      trip. Experience a life-changing spring break! Check the web site for
      all updates on dates and locations, you will also find detailed trip
      information and answers to many of your questions.

      +++ Real Break Bulletin Ads +++

      There are Real Break Bulletin Ads and letter size flyers for
      download. Please use for church bulletins and newsletters over the
      next month. They are already sized and ready to print.

      +++ College Conference 2002 - Plant It, Grow It, Be It +++

      Registration for College Conference 2002 is in full swing for both
      the East Coast Conference held at the Antiochian Village in Bolivar,
      PA and the West Coast Conference held at St. Nicholas Ranch in
      Dunlap, CA. If you have not already registered do so as soon as

      Also note:
      - Scholarships are still available, but can only be requested once
      - We must have your travel information if you are flying by December
      15th 2002 to guarantee transportation from the airport.
      EAST COAST: Reservations flying in to Pittsburgh should be made
      before 2 PM, the bus will leave by 3 PM.
      We will be going Snow Tubing as an afternoon
      activity, please bring appropriate clothing.
      WEST COAST: Reservations flying in to Fresno should be made before 3
      PM, the shuttle will leave by 4 PM.

      The College Conference is held yearly December 27-31. There is one on
      each coast to accommodate more participants. These Conferences are
      open to college students, high school graduates, and young adults.
      Both conferences will include a variety of enlightening workshops,
      daily services and many

      different social events. These conferences of the Orthodox Christian
      Fellowship aim to promote unity among Orthodox young people and to
      renew them in their individual journeys to salvation. You won't want
      to miss it! Download the registration form now!

      +++ OCF Receives Grant Monies from Hellenic College and the Lilly
      Endowment - 12/04/02 +++

      The Hellenic College and Holy Cross Seminary have received a grant
      from Lilly Endowment for their program entitled "We Offer These
      Gifts". This five-year project will initiate or enhance programs that
      help prepare a new generation of leaders for church and society. The
      ability to firmly establish the National OCF Office fulfills one of
      the program's proposed goals. The monies will benefit local OCFs in
      many ways, possibilities include Mini-Grants and Leadership
      Conferences. Read more about it: http://ocf.net/news/

      +++ OCF Help +++

      Do you need help starting your OCF? Would you like your OCF Event
      promoted on our website? Don't hesitate to contact us, info@....

      +++ Know OCF Alumni? +++

      Encourage OCF Alumni to stay involved with OCF and sign-up for the
      OCF Alumni Listserv on the website.

      +++ Contact Information +++

      Orthodox Christian Fellowship PO Box 249 Boston, MA 02130 || Phone:
      800-919-1623 / 617-850-1356 (For Canada) Fax 617-850-1464 info@...
      If you would like to submit something to be considered for being
      posted to the OCF mailing list, send it in email form to

      *** OCF is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization, the inter-Orthodox
      campus ministry effort under SCOBA. ***
      =================================== The OCF list is being made
      possible by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Internet
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