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Re: Need a crash-course in reading the Epistle according to the Greek practice

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  • Alex Langley
    Thank you Andreas! That s exactly what I needed. R. Alexander ... least ... the priest ... whole ... book ... kiss his ... intones the ... Peace be ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 3, 2007
      Thank you Andreas! That's exactly what I needed.

      R. Alexander

      --- In orthodox-readers@yahoogroups.com, "Reader Andreas"
      <andreas.anagnostis@...> wrote:
      > Hi:
      > I am a reader in a Greek Orthodox parish, so perhaps I can help - at
      > from my experience. Each parish may be different though, just ask
      the priest
      > beforehand and he will let you know his preference. For example, the
      > Epistle may be chanted and the Alleluia verses may be intoned as well.
      > 0) I always ask for a blessing during the Thrice-holy Hymn. Hold the
      > open to the pericope and the priest will bless with his hand, then
      kiss his
      > hand and proceed to the center of the soleas.
      > 1) The deacon will intone "Let us be attentive," then the reader
      intones the
      > prokeimenon once through.
      > 2) The deacon intones "Wisdom."
      > 3) The reader intones "The reading is from the Holy Apostle Paul's
      > ...(relevant book)."
      > 4) The deacon again intones "Let us be attentive."
      > 5) Read the Epistle with at least the final sentence intoned.
      > 6) The priest will go to the middle of the Beautiful Gate and say
      "Peace be
      > to you the reader," the reader should approach the priest with the
      > book and allow the priest to bless, kiss his hand and reply "And to your
      > spirit."
      > In Christ,
      > Andreas, Reader
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