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Chemistry Shopping List for Patent

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  • Anton Dubok or close enough!
    Hello everyone, First I d like to welcome and thank again everyone. I have put subscription on moderation since its the only way not to have too many posters
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2007
      Hello everyone,

      First I'd like to welcome and thank again everyone. I have put
      subscription on moderation since its the only way not to have too
      many posters whose interest revolves around viagra... ;)

      Nobody here is moderated.

      I am thinking that we could start by mapping the hardware first. I
      was re-reading the patent, posted here in the file section, as
      example 4, and if I am correct the process to sample substance for
      ormes/ormus content is as follows:

      1- Separate all PGM ormes from each other s shown in figure 3, where
      the setup is for ormes separation from ore, or in our case, the ore
      is the vendor's product.

      2- Purify each PFM values back into pure metal.

      That's the big simplification, but essentially, this allows us to
      know how much pgm metal is in the product.

      If need to know how much ormes is in the product, we would have to
      first remove the metals and then process it as above?

      Another question :)

      This setup implies:

      - Chemicals
      --- ammonium bifluoride, NH4HF2
      --- Distilled water
      --- HF (hydrofluoric acid)
      --- perchloric acid
      --- NaNO3 (sodium nitrate)
      --- Na2CO3(sodium carbonate)
      --- NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate)
      --- 30% H2O2
      --- HCl (hydrochloric acid)
      --- SO2 (sulfur dioxide)
      --- N2 (nitrogen)
      --- 1% w/v NH4Cl solution
      --- 1% w/v (NH4)2SO4
      --- 10% w/v NaBrO3 (sodium bromate)
      --- saturated NaCHO3 solution
      --- medium porosity fritted glass filter
      --- H2S (hydrogen sulfide)
      --- 1% w/v dimethylglyoxime
      --- A solution of 20% TiCl3 (titanous chloride)
      --- HNO3
      --- chloroform
      --- aqua regia
      --- 10% NaBrO3
      --- 20% v/v H2SO4 solution

      --- platinum dish
      --- zirconium crucible
      --- propane torch
      --- Burners
      --- Crushers
      --- "X" shaped Teflon coated stirring bar
      --- 1000 ml Teflon beaker
      --- distillation apparatus
      --- calibrated pH meter
      --- tared porcelain filter crucible
      --- Walters crucible holder
      --- 0.45 micron pad filters
      --- tube furnace (hydrogen reduction)
      --- #42 Whatman ashless filter paper
      --- tared quartz boat
      --- dried gently in an oven at 110C
      --- Purge the tube with argon, then hydrogen
      --- a controlled atmosphere bifilar-wound
      heating element Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) instrument (Perkin-
      Elmer Thermal Analysis (PE/TGS-
      --- Temperature Programmer (PE/System 4),
      --- Thermal Data Station (PE/TADS). And Graphics Plotter

      I'd like to know, what are we missing here? I know this is not your
      average shopping list, and black cars would probably follow you for a
      while if you went shopping for such a list, but this is, after all,
      the basic list of items described in the patent needed to reproduce
      the patent.

      What else to we need as Chemistry gear?

      Best regards,

      Antoine Dubuc
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