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  • Greg Clifton
    Gerald Thanks a lot of great info.  Greateful for the help, knowledge and insights.   Greg Light, Love, Truth The Way ... From: gerald.fiore
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      Thanks a lot of great info.  Greateful for the help, knowledge and insights.
      Light, Love, Truth The Way

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      Subject: [ormusia] (unknown)
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      Date: Sunday, December 20, 2009, 12:04 PM


      Dear Greg,

      I can only tell you what I know.

      Start him on the following, Papaya (not so ripe), Pineapple (again not ripe) the idea is that these have Papain and Bromelain which are enzymes that help digest proteins and leave your pancreas to digest other proteins and tumors, of course one has to STOP ingesting protein, especially animals proteins/dairy (meats, milk etc).

      Ingesting apricot kernels, start from 5 initially and work up to 50 a day (many will say this is dangerous, in fact the FSA or english version of the FDA say that you can only take two kernels per day as they contain a cyanide compound but this cyanide is activated when it meets a cancer cell apparently and so destroys or poisons IT and not you. I have taken upto 50 a day for a few days but long term I have taken 10 a day and my Dad who HAD bladder cancer took up to 40 per day for short periods but usually 20-30 he was taking.

      Throw out all the chemicals in his house, shampoos, cleaning solutions as they all contain poisonous chemicals that affect the body, replace with natural products even if his bathroom looks bare.

      Eat lots of veggies or juice them, the Gerson protocol uses Carrot juice/apple juice and veggy juice (various vegetables) an they alternate every hour for 12 hrs I think and they do 4 or 5 coffee enemas per day!! Now this is too much I have done this myself and you end up looking gaunt, in the Gerson you need to do this and take supplements seeing as they do not approve of taking salt or anything with salt so you have to take potassium salts and other supplements like Niacin (vitamin B3) which gives a cool niacin flush at anything over 100mg.

      Coffee enemas work by getting rid of toxins being released from dead cancer or tumor cells and head for the liver, the coffe that is put into the rectum will travel through the portal vein apparently and stimulate the production of bile in the liver and release any dead cancer cells which are being killed off by the ingestion of the juices and supplements and foods. For every 3 jiuces you do 1 coffee enema and so for 12 you'd be doing 4 or even 5, it's usual to look gaunt by doing this and stopping sugar, meat and salt etc.

      Coffee enemas are easy to do once you get used to it, strange initially though. Use 1 litre of pure water and 3 tablespoons of organic coffee, use one of those large 60ml syringes without the needle of course, once the coffee has cooled down in the large pot and comfortable temperature, lay on the floor on the right side and have some oil so you can lubricate both the syringe and the rectum and then after inserting about 16 syringefulls of warm coffee then wait and relax for aboout 15 mins and then evacuate which will come sooner initially seeing as the body is not used to it so stay near the toilet. After evacuating do not eat anything cold or spicy, in fact wait a bit seeing as the stomach will be delicate, maybe he can rest and eat later or have a juice later.

      I ended up in hospital seeing as my blood pressure dropped but this corrected itself when I upped my salt slightly and the gaunt look goes when you start eating meat again.

      The no meat rule is only for 6 weeks or 2 months so that the cancer is killed hopefully. The idea is not to give the pancreas any job of digesting protein so it goes to work on the cancer instead, after this period you could introduce eggs slightly cooked or even raw ones and scalded liver so itself just raw (all organic), these proteins are to be eaten before 1pm so the pancreas devoted all it's time digesting the tumors and not your food - so no midnight snacks of eggs/ham etc.

      Stress is a big factor when recovering from cancer so keep him away from stressors, whatever they may be? Wife? Kids? silly friends or neighbours etc.

      You can try also to include Essiac Tea a few times per day, many online to choose from. And add Chinese green tea which has shown to be effective in battling cancer.

      A few other Chinese herbs that I know of that you can throw together and make some tea during the day are, Reishi (Lingzhi), Huangqi (Astragalus) , wolfberry, Licorice (but if he has a high blood pressure problem omit this or limit it as it can increase blood pressure).

      You can look into the Macrobiotic diet which is a diet and a whole philosophy created by a Japanese guy, anyway they eat brown organic rice cooked in a steam cooker and Japanese/chinese veggies like Daikon (big white Radish), carrots, green veggies, seaweed, miso soup (which is soya paste usually brown and very salty), they say also you should eat very very carefully and chew each mouthfull 100 times and then swallow so that the food is digested carefully and fully.

      The Gerson uses no salt but the Macrobiotic uses Miso which is salty, the Gerson uses tomato, potato, aubergine etc but these are forbidden in the Macrobiotic seeing as they are from the nightshade family and so depending on which protocol or way you choose there are different rules.

      Regardless of differences, SUGAR is to be avoided, as well as smoking, alcohol, stress.

      Selenium, Niacin, Vitamin D, Co Q10, Vitamin C are what come to mind as supplements for cancer and what I would suggest.

      What you could do is a bit of both, from the Macrobiotic you can take their tips on eating seaweed (Iodine) Brown Rice, Chinese white Radish, Ginger, Beans (moderate seeing as they have highe rlevels of protein than veggies) and do as many organic carrot juices that he can handle, maybe mix with cabbage, celery, cucumber, potato (raw), apples (green not so sweet), he can also chew on coriander which is great for chelating heavy metals which has a lot to do with cancer and anyway takes the load off the system in this stressful time. Turneric is good for cancer so include this as well.

      1) But the main idea is to stop feeding the cancer - stop SUGAR!!!
      2) Start killing the cancer by freeing up the pancreas to munch proteins/tumors etc - NO PROTEIN - but take protein digesting enzymes in the form of Pineapple and Papaya (or take papain and Bromelain supplements)
      3) Detox from the fallout of dead and dying cancer cells or the liver will auto intoxicate and so you have to keep flushing the liver by daily coffee enemas
      4) Feed the body with organic food ONLY whether he juices carrots and apples or eats brown rice/steamed radish and miso soup/seaweed or both
      5) Eat apricot kernels to kill the cancer cells

      If he's up to it exercise is good, especially in the sun. If not then he can do some jogging on the spot etc, jumping on a trampoline once an hour for 2 minutes is part of some peoples anti cancer protocol as they say that the lymph is stimulated ands this help beef up the immune system for an hour or so, so maybe even just jumping up and down if no trampoline is avaiable may do the trick as well.

      Limoline (Lemon) is also good for cancer so add some of this to the diet.

      And not least, prayer to the good Lord. I will pray for him, tell me his name and I will get started immediately and pray for him from now on. What is strange is if you pray for others whilst you are in trouble yourself and what can happen is that you get a lot of help back in return.

      I am no doctor and many things people may object to, or maybe not. Everything I have said, check out and even ask your doctor and see if they dissaprove, many GP's or doctors will say that it won't help and won't harm so either way what can you lose?? In their opinion.

      I will be going to my hut in the mountains tomorrow and it's -20C so not sure if I will be back to reply quickly but you can PM me or in the group, will get back to you as soon as possible.

      You could ask some other guys if they have made some of the Ormus powder if they can send you some, I don't have any, if you want I can make it and send you when I go to the mountain permanantly in 6 weeks time but that is a long time when cancer is involved and anyway you need to use a sown off shotgun approach and spray the cancer and not a dart, i.e. hit it with all you can - which also means listening to the docs and maybe considering chemo etc

      Oh another idea hypothermia? anyway get yoiur brother to have a HOT bath without scalding, put chillies, ginger etc in a diy teabag )cloth tie up by a string and chillies etc inside it and let him steam in the bath and raise his body temp if possible, this effects the cancer cells apparently, one of these hot baths daily may give him the flu though so see how it goes, also he can have a really strong ginger tea whilst in the bath - that will heat his body up more, another ides which is related is a sauna which makes him sweat and takes the load off his liver by throwing toxins out.

      Love and Healing for your brother,


    • gerald.fiore
      No worries Greg. I just reread my post and I didn t explain the point about why he should avoid eating meat or animal protein after 1pm and that cause the
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        No worries Greg.

        I just reread my post and I didn't explain the point about why he should avoid eating meat or animal protein after 1pm and that cause the pancreas is most/more active at around 2-3am and so leave at least 8hrs clear of any animal protein so it can work on other proteins at that crucial time.

        I wrote to the group and not personally so that others may help their loved ones as well or get some ideas in future, but hopefully they won't need to.

        Love and Healing for your brother Greg.


        ps I was thinking did anyone try Don Nance's white powder seeing as he was cured of cancer and he shows how to make his powder on the net as well??
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