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30Re: [ormusia] Re: The FDA Won.

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  • Cameron Gibson
    Aug 14, 2007
      Dear Group,

      I will join  I already have people in Canada, North America, South Africa, and New Zealand so far who would be willing to sell two or three ounces a month once they try our product. Currently I think we should sell grams for 34.99 or 54.99, Ant & Mr. Daddy can we exchange Skype voice chats now or phone numbers? We really need to talk, I am talking about 20,000 a month in the first ORMUS dealers ever! Let me know everyone!



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      From: Daddy Sanchez <cryptic619@...>
      To: ormusia@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 10:26:01 AM
      Subject: [ormusia] Re: The FDA Won.

      I just got on the forum. I'm with ya Ant! Let me know what you need
      from me. I am already working on various promotional stuff. Where
      would we locate this business distribution center? We can setup an e-
      commerce store to take orders world wide. We can start by giving
      samples of ORMUS to various group/organizations then have them come
      back and order from us on a menu type standard rate price table. Let
      me know what you think. I am in San Diego, where are you?


      --- In ormusia@yahoogroups .com, "Antoine Dubuc" <ormusia@... > wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am going to kill off this group next monday for lack of interest.
      > created this group so people could give ideas and create momentum
      > the task of mapping out a business involve in quantifying ormus
      > content in samples.
      > I'm the moderator. I am not, unfortunately, much of a leader that
      > inspire people and so forth. I see that no one really gives a hoot,
      > guess, since no one is posting anything.
      > I'd be glad to be told otherwise, but hey, when people don't even
      > talk about a subject, how can one sincerely expect to actually have
      > actions taken for that subject?
      > The FDA has already won in my opinion. I am paid for my ability to
      > pragmatic about things. I am neither pessimist nor optimist as I
      > write this. Its just a fact.
      > The current state of Ormus brings upon itself a great adversary in
      > the form of the FDA. The FDA is a focussed, organized entity.
      > is not. The Ormus world in comparison is pretty much populated by a
      > bunch of hippies that swing subjects from ormus in crop circles to
      > xenon water bringing ormus through ZPE, with as much focus and
      > persistence as a chicken who got his head cut off.
      > The Ormusians of today go even further by putting their heads in
      > sand when confronted with this by bringing up the righteous shield
      > Manifestation. Give me a break.
      > The problem with Ormusia is not the Ormus: its the Ormusians.
      > I've been around for about two years. In that time, reading pretty
      > much all the posts from all the Ormus forums, I saw only one
      > consistent pattern: nothing gets done except talking. And even the
      > discussions are fruitless.
      > Ormes, or biblical ormus, is supposed to taste sweet. Have you ever
      > tasted an ormus product that tasted like this? Seekverta's products
      > taste like suntan lotion. Shouldn't that give you clue that
      > is wrong here? Its no wonder that the FDA is stepping in. If you
      > cut the crap away, its really no wonder.
      > Anyway, I am somewhat appalled here.
      > I was hoping that the people who would join this forum would do so
      > get off their asses and start building something with consistency,
      > dedication and care. But instead no one posted anything. This forum
      > was intended for drivers, not passengers.
      > Antoine Dubuc
      > http://my.opera. com/alchemicalse crets

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