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  • Daddy Sanchez
    Aug 14, 2007
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      I just went to your opera site, it is cool! I'm wondering about
      specific tasks and deligations that need to be done and who would be
      assigned to them. Now, if the business does produce profit, who would
      get what percentage and why? We need to start closing the circle a
      little bit and start offering each other interests in the company
      depending on our envolvment and comitment. From there, we need legal
      documents to provide and prove to each other our negotiations and
      rules for future situations. That, I think, will make this more real
      for everyone and plant the seed of motivation/inspiration.


      --- In ormusia@yahoogroups.com, "ormusia" <ormusia@...> wrote:
      > Hi!
      > And thank you, sincerely, for joining this group. Rules are simple,
      > and can be summarized in the best Austin Powers way, and I quote:
      > Oh Behave! :)
      > That's about it. I'd really like it if we can stick to the topic,
      > namely, mapping this sucker out. What are the points that needs to
      > addressed in creating an organisation whose purpose is essentially
      > providing ormes assays as a service, and providing pure ormes as a
      > product to various industries?
      > It will, no doubt, be a long and tedious process. But with
      > dedication, passion and collaboration we can map it out and know if
      > we can manifest this organisation as a reality.
      > Remember, even if all fails, we'll have had fun and gained much
      > knowledge!
      > Best regards,
      > Antoine Dubuc,
      > ze little moderator
      > http://my.opera.com/alchemicalsecrets
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