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27Re: The FDA Won.

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  • besmarter_at_rhinoed
    Aug 13, 2007
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      --- In ormusia@yahoogroups.com, "Antoine Dubuc" <ormusia@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am going to kill off this group next monday for lack of interest.

      Wow. Possibly people enjoy the few posts there are, but have nothing
      they honestly wish to add. Gee. what a shame.

      > created this group so people could give ideas and create momentum
      > the task of mapping out a business involve in quantifying ormus
      > content in samples.

      I have been involved most of my adult life, but we never call it
      ORMUS. Simply ACE, and alternative cellular energy which is derived
      by usage.

      > I'm the moderator. I am not, unfortunately, much of a leader that
      > inspire people and so forth. I see that no one really gives a hoot,
      > guess, since no one is posting anything.
      > I'd be glad to be told otherwise, but hey, when people don't even
      > talk about a subject, how can one sincerely expect to actually have
      > actions taken for that subject?

      We have a fertilizer made of ACE that causes plants to grow
      abundantly. Few people utilize it, but the ones who do are impressed
      and continue.

      It is a slow process over time to change the views and opinions of
      people, one which requires a tremendous amount of stick-to-it-
      iveness. Most people do not have the patience level required to hang
      in there over the years, much less decades. Our first receipt is
      from 1963, prior to David Hudson and his group. We still do
      everything using the tried and true slow methods from our past, but
      we don't give exclusives (recently I was asked to give a company in
      Florida the global exclusive to brand it for their use --- too funny,
      LOL - you can't take an exclusive on anything natural that is put
      here for our use by the Creator, the mere idea is repulsive to me.)

      > The FDA has already won in my opinion. I am paid for my ability to
      > pragmatic about things. I am neither pessimist nor optimist as I
      > write this. Its just a fact.

      I respectfully reject that idea, but I am only one person here. I
      refuse to surrender to dishonest methods no matter who it is, even a
      governmental body...I thankfully have met a number of people who work
      with the FDA and find for the most part they are as concerned about
      safety as we are, and want changes to occur in their own governmental
      structure... despite your opinion, it is thankfully not shared by
      most people I have met in the past 5 or so years up in Bethesda.

      > The current state of Ormus brings upon itself a great adversary in
      > the form of the FDA. The FDA is a focussed, organized entity.
      > is not. The Ormus world in comparison is pretty much populated by a
      > bunch of hippies that swing subjects from ormus in crop circles to
      > xenon water bringing ormus through ZPE, with as much focus and
      > persistence as a chicken who got his head cut off.

      I am not a hippie or any other such thing, and never was. I do
      however know that food should not contain dangerous things for the
      body, and nether should anything else we use on our bodies.
      > The Ormusians of today go even further by putting their heads in
      > sand when confronted with this by bringing up the righteous shield
      > Manifestation. Give me a break.
      > The problem with Ormusia is not the Ormus: its the Ormusians.
      > I've been around for about two years. In that time, reading pretty
      > much all the posts from all the Ormus forums, I saw only one
      > consistent pattern: nothing gets done except talking. And even the
      > discussions are fruitless.

      Possible we are busy doing rather than talking? A thought...I speak
      solely for myself here.
      > Ormes, or biblical ormus, is supposed to taste sweet. Have you ever
      > tasted an ormus product that tasted like this? Seekverta's products
      > taste like suntan lotion. Shouldn't that give you clue that
      > is wrong here? Its no wonder that the FDA is stepping in. If you
      > cut the crap away, its really no wonder.

      The taste that is left behind is always sweet. Ours is bitter to
      begin, but is like a honey when it is precipitated originally.
      > Anyway, I am somewhat appalled here.
      > I was hoping that the people who would join this forum would do so
      > get off their asses and start building something with consistency,
      > dedication and care. But instead no one posted anything. This forum
      > was intended for drivers, not passengers.

      I guess you have made up your mind. I heard a saying once, that "a
      man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still". I
      wish you success in whatever you do next. I have been involved now
      for decades, some people come and go...blessings either way.

      Dana Dudley

      > Antoine Dubuc
      > http://my.opera.com/alchemicalsecrets
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