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  • Greg Clifton
    Dec 20, 2009
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      I humbly come before you all with the hope you are wiser and more knowledgable than I or any other. This is to any who can possibly help my brother or help me to help him. My little sister at age 43 just died in October 20, 2009 because of lung cancer. I was trying PH control , herbals, peroxide and MMS treatment on my sister after she refused to go through chemo therapy again, but all was for naught. Now my brother who is 1 year older than me now has a mass behind his right ear and a cyst in his nasal cavity and I am at a loss as what to do. His blood pressure will not stablize (he's on 2 meds now) and he keeps getting dizzy spells. I have my brother on serrapeptase and some herbs, am going to try cesium chloride on my brother as well as other herbal treatments when possible. The cost to try all these remedies I'll will have to bear the burden if I possibly can, as he has no health care and I cannot bear to lose another sibling at this moment. If anybody can suggest or possibly supply anything in addition I would greatly appreciate it. I am at a crux in my life apparently and do not think I can deal with another loss as that would only push me to resign myself to passing over also. When does one decide to keep fighting or just give up and resign one's self to the inenvitable? If any can help at all my details are below.
      Light, Love, Truth The Way
      Gregory Clifton
      3317 48th avenue
      Moline, IL 61265
      email a1231321o@...

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