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132Precipitating The Elixir of Life similar to Ectoplasm

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  • grandmasterhaden12
    Aug 3, 2009
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      Precipitating The Elixir of Life similar to EctoplasmÂ…

      The Elixir works on a very high quantum level. After 8 months of carefully studying the precipitate I have come to the conclusion the Elixir works with the aura and energy patterns of the person that is taking it.

      Unfortunately the reason why it has taken me this long is; I had been given bad information from certain people who say they are very knowledgeable in the Ormus and Alchemy forums. This kept me behind 6 to 7 months.

      Nevertheless I have succeeded and these are my findings. I have three people who have claimed to be healed; some their liver, their eyes and others their mental/soul. The effects are different for everyone.

      In my research of precipitating the Elixir of Life I have found that what is precipitated is similar to white liquid Ectoplasm, or it is the very same thing. That liquid ectoplasm may actually be the same material as the prime material??? For I know that the Elixir of Life works based on how it is given and how it is received. If you take it with a bad or jealous thought you get bad things, if you take it pure of mind and clean of heart you get good things. This is how liquid ectoplasm works as well.

      I will keep you all updated and for those who do not know me; I have received insulting emails for my work. Please refrain from your slander or you will be receiving a note from my lawyer. I have a consulted a lawyer.

      I am a business man and I am taking care of my parents, wife, and children. I am honest and only make elixirs out of natural things from the earth.

      The Elixir of Life and White powder, and Red powder, and phil stone is neither good or bad.. but depends on how it is used.

      And for all those who have supported me in my work God Bless you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I look forward to our friendship and opening Enlightenment in the New Age.

      Thank you All!
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