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128Universal Medicine Dew Sea Salt Report

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  • grandmasterhaden12
    Jul 9, 2009
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      Hi Anthony!
      got your universal medicine today and was actually quite impressed with it. I got it about noon time and I have 2 other ormus products I was using so I tried your ormus after I had already tried the other 2 and I honestly could feel the difference.

      I dont consider myself to be very sensitive but first few times I took ormus i thought it was extremely powerful and i had some visions. but that was first time. since then it's not so strong.

      But your universal medicine is seeming different to me. Strong to be sure...

      Well can you explain what this universal medicine is? Is it ormus or something else? I tried it as I am trying to beat some cancer and just from one small taste I could feel it's effects quite strongly.

      thanks a lot!
      I will try to get some more and hope to learn a bit more about it from you.


      Ormus is the prime material of Alchemy. To make the philosophers stone you take the alchemists 5th element and the secret fire to bring the prime material up to a higher state and level. Once it has the 1st degree of power it is considered to be a version of the philsophers stone. I used Dew water that I made in a secret process I use; with dead sea salt. This was my prime material and the dew water has the 5th element in it. I took it through a secret process that takes several months.