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127Universal Medicine debate!

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  • grandmasterhaden12
    Jun 30, 2009
      I have seen a few messages about my product. I see no reason to get into the debate when I can send a free sample and someone can find out for themselves. As I say the proof is in the pudding.

      Then I saw a message about the moderator questioning if quick silver/mercury or antimony is done in a process that is posted and if it is safe.

      The process is use doesn't involve quick silver, nor does it involve antimony, nor does it involve animal or biological products from plants.

      This is dead sea salt and Dew water... and in the begginning of the process is used 99.999 percent pure silver, copper and gold. These metals dissolved into the dead sea dew salt water over time through the process.

      Also I only give to other people what I myself have tested for at least one month on myself. If i test it on myself I only take elixirs that involve no use of chemicals to make. I am a very green and natural person in my life and my beliefs.