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125Universal Medicine response from someone I sent the Elixer to.

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  • grandmasterhaden12
    Jun 26 12:45 PM
      Andrew has been taking the Elixir for a few days now and has taken several doses. His response so far after sending him two bottles of it is copied and pasted here.

      Hey Anthony,
      Well, I have taken three doses of five drops each for the past three consecutive days of the elixir at this point. I have to say that it does seem to be quite powerful. I had quite vivid dreams the first night after taking it. It is hard to put into words at this point exactly how it is effecting me as I am still getting used to it, but I have had periods of feeling very well since I started taking it. I also feel my energy levels have improved and there is a joy within myself when I think about it. I also very much love the taste- it has a slightly burning quality and is very thick and viscous in the mouth. I have not experienced consistent powerful changes in consciousness yet, but it definitely seems to have consciousness effects for awhile after taking the doses.

      I feel inclined to start taking two doses a day like you, and I was wondering how many drops you take per dose? I was thinking of taking a five drop dose twice a day, but I didn't know if that might be overdoing it. Anyway, I will give you some more feedback in a week or so when I have become more accustomed to the effects. By the way, do you have any of the elixir without the added gold and silver that you could sell? I would be interested to see how the effects differ. Anyway, thats all for now!

      with gratitude,