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112Re: Antoine was correct

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  • w_c_sally2000
    Apr 14, 2008
      Hi Duane,

      This is bad news, I have been a H. Clarke fan for years! Can you
      perhaps market through Canada?

      I agree, we need a vetting lab, which will have complete transparency,
      and have it up and running with all documentation and everything in
      order, before things get rough.

      Sanford Atkins <decorative_orgonite@...> wrote:
      > Regarding the FDA. They have forced eBay to take down my listings
      for Hulda Clark Zappers. If your not familiar, do a Google search on
      Clark zapper. This worries me and leads me to think Antoine has the
      right idea about establishing ormus and ormes somehow before the FDA
      gives us all the axe. Ebay has informed me that they are enforcing
      tight regulations and implementing new rules. Nazi Bastards. Sorry,
      > Best,
      > Duane
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