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Update for 2007-04-16

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  • Lana Krakovskiy
    Greetings! *** Web News: * * Piping hot passion: Concert will honor organ enthusiast John Obetz http://www.kansascity.com/232/story/68612.html * Symphony
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2007

      *** Web News:
      * Piping hot passion: Concert will honor organ enthusiast John Obetz

      * Symphony program features restored Skinner organ
      "To Cleveland organist Todd Wilson, next weekend's performances on the
      Skinner organ in the Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle will be very much a

      *** News from Salt Lake City:
      * New organist chosen
      "Andrew E. Unsworth has been appointed a full-time Tabernacle organist,
      joining three other full-time and two part-time organists currently serving
      on Temple Square"

      * Tabernacle organ gets a tuneup
      "If you think the Tabernacle organ sounds a little different than it did a
      couple of years ago, it isn't your imagination."

      * The American Classic Symposium starts this week on April 18.

      *** Other Happenings:
      * Last week I had coffee with Caspar Glatter-Goetz and his wife Carol, where
      he signed my copy of Forest of Pipes. It was a special treat as I have known
      him online for several years, and am a great fan of his firm's innovative
      organbuilding. Caspar's article, "The Future of the Pipe Organ", has been
      posted at my website seven years ago. I had a wonderful time discussing
      music, travels and family life.

      * While waiting for a train one night, I saw a most spectacular musician on
      the platform: Melissa "The Loud" Kacalanos playing her hurdy-gurdy. I loved
      seeing the exotic instrument and hearing the pungent tunes accompanied by a
      string drone. Melissa is a multi-faceted musician, dancer, and instructor.
      Please visit Melissa's website to learn more about her and the music she

      On the subject of Subway musicians, Washington Post has this article you
      will enjoy - guaranteed:

      * Pearls Before Breakfast
      "Can one of the nation's great musicians cut through the fog of a D.C. rush
      hour? Let's find out."

      *A message from member Carol Williams:*

      Carol Williams is working on a DVD series called "TourBus". Check out the
      website www.melcot.com to see some previews. The series covers interesting
      organs, places and people. Venues already included in the series are The
      Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles; The Spreckels Organ in
      San Diego; Covenant Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers; St. Mary's Church in
      Andover, England and Huddersfield Town Hall in England.

      Dr. Carol Williams
      San Diego Civic Organist
      Artistic Director of the Spreckels Organ Society

      *A message from member Vic Searle, Japan:*

      Dear readers,

      I am faced with the unhappy prospect of having to dispose of the pipework,
      windchests, blower, rectifier and magnet drivers of an organ I donated 20
      years ago to the Hi School where I taught.

      The heart of the organ is Devtronix Electronic Tone Generation, but I added
      three ranks of pipes when the new hall was built.

      Now the hall is to be demolished to make way for a condominium. The new
      school hall will have only a gym/auditorium and there is no way to install
      the pipes.

      What I have are:
      one rank 61 notes Stinkens Principal 4'
      one rank 73 Stinkens Bourdon 8', lowest five pipes stopped wood Hook &
      one rank 61 notes E.M. Skinner Salicional.

      The pipes are voiced on 3.5" wind, provided by a 500 cfm, Spencer Orgoblo.

      The Salicional and Principal are on one chest, the Bourdon on the other.

      The action is direct electric, activated by a 30 amp rectifier through a
      solid-state keying system.

      I am hoping someone in Japan would take these off my hands, as I have no
      place to use them or install in a location as I am still rehabilitating
      in a nursing home after a paralyzing accident in 2002.

      If sought by a US or foreign builder, of course crating and shipping would
      be involved.

      This material would be excellent for a home instrument, and I am open to

      Vic Searle in Tokyo
      e-mail: vcsorgan@...

      *A message from Fr. Aurelio Mulè Stagno sdb, Israel:*

      *Restored Mader Organ in Jerusalem*

      Dear Organist / Organ Lover,

      I am pleased to announce to you that the restoration work on the Mader
      pipe-organ in our Ratisbonne church has been completed. In the attachment
      you will find some historical information about the instrument and the
      announcement of its official Inauguration on Monday 9th April 2007, 6 pm.

      Although not big, it is a fine instrument built by François Mader in 1893,
      and has an interesting selection of 8' and 4' foot stops plus a 16' foot
      Bourdon. Moreover, it blends beautifully in our church's acoustics. I am
      adding the specifications of the instrument at the bottom of this message.

      Please feel free to contact me about these events or to come at some other
      time to see the instrument. Hopefully, you would also be willing eventually
      to give a recital on it, or to play it on some special occasion.


      Fr. Aurelio Mulè Stagno sdb
      Music Director


      The Mader organ that has been restored was built in 1893 purposely for the
      Ratisbonne Monastery. It is a relatively small instrument, with 600 pipes,
      10 stops, 2 manuals and a 2-octave pedalboard.

      Here is the list of the stops and accessories:
      GrO: Montre 8' - Gambe 8' - Flute Harmonique 8' - Prestant 4' - Bourdon
      Dessus 16' *
      Sw: Trompette 8' - Quintaton 8' - Salicional 8' - Voix Céleste 8' - Flute
      Octaviante 4'
      Ped: Soubbasse (Bourdon Basses) 16'

      3 foot levers for I-P, II-P, I-II and one for Tremolo
      Swell Pedal

      * The Bourdon 16' can be activated autonomously in the pedal


      Studium Theologicum Salesianum | Salesian Monastery - Ratisbonne
      26, Shmuel Ha Nagid Str. - P.O.B. 7336 - 91072 Jerusalem - ISRAEL
      Tel. (972.2) 6259171 - 6257068 - Fax 6259172 - Pers. Mobile 0546.463843


      *A message from Joe Vitacco, JAV Recordings*

      *Flash Video of Stephen Tharp playing Vierne at Our Lady of Refuge*

      This Video was filmed March 10, 2007 at the console of the church's 25 rank
      Kilgen, Opus 5163. This instrument was built to the design of Charles M.
      Courboin. Construction was started on the organ in September of 1933 and
      completed on November 30, 1933 "except console-awaiting shipping
      instructions". It was shipped to the church in January of 1934 and the
      church was dedicated in June of 1934. On Monday March 12, 2007 the Organ
      Clearing House removed the organ from its chambers to protect its 1800 pipes
      and mechanism from harm while major structural repairs are carried out in
      the organ chambers and to the tower of the church.

      If you just want to watch Stephen play Vierne's Carillon de Westminster or
      if you might be interested in helping the parish fund this project click the
      below link to my home page and enjoy a 10 minute flash video. Turn up your

      This was the pipe organ that sparked my interest in the instrument. Without
      it, there would likely be no JAV Recordings.



      Have a great week,

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