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Update for 2006-09-01

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  • Lana Krakovskiy
    Greetings! *** OrganFocus News: New links added. ** Orgel Ekeren Website of the Forceville-organ (1711) in Ekeren, Antwerp, Belgium http://www.orgelekeren.be/
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006

      *** OrganFocus News:
      New links added.

      ** Orgel Ekeren
      Website of the Forceville-organ (1711) in Ekeren, Antwerp, Belgium

      ** MPR PipeDreams Calendar
      Link submitted by Michael Barone, the page represents a comprehensive
      listing of organ events in Minnesota (and adjacent border areas)

      *** Web News:

      ** Future for Pipe Organs secure in Europe
      In a post from March 2006 (
      ) I wrote about a new European Union law about lead in products with
      electrical components, which would undermine the pipe organ building
      trade. Through action on the part of organ-biulders, petitions and
      rallying the international organ community, the law has been amended
      to pose no threat to pipe organs in Europe. The site Pipes For Organs
      provides the details.

      ** Researchers find Bach's oldest manuscripts
      "WEIMAR, Germany - The oldest known manuscripts of Johann Sebastian
      Bach — handwritten copies of works by two other composers — have been
      discovered in a library that was heavily damaged in a fire two years

      ** Cathedral of the Madeleine hosts Organ Festival
      "This year's festival begins with a performance by Rachel Laurin, a
      noted composer and improvisation teacher."

      ** Choir in Appeal to Find New Organ
      "A Dutch choir about to sing at York Minster is appealing for help to
      find a new instrument."

      ** Healesville piano man creates organ haven
      CHINA: "Thanks to a retired Chinese-Australian piano teacher who has
      lived in Healesville for 33 years, Gulangyu also has Asia's biggest
      piano museum and will soon host the world's largest pipe organ

      ** Trudy Pitts: Meeting the Next Keyboard Challenge
      "On September 15, 2006, Trudy Pitts will have the distinction of being
      the first jazz musician to perform on the spectacular new organ in
      Verizon Hall, at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in
      Philadelphia, in a concert opposite the great singer Nancy Wilson. "

      By the way, Allaboutjazz.com has many other articles about the Kimmel
      Center organ, such as this profile:
      Mervon Mehta, the Kimmel's Vice-President in charge of Programming,
      has been actively promoting jazz using the Dobson organ, provided
      that a jazz musician brave enough to play it comes forth. Type "kimmel
      organ" into the site search box to see more articles.

      Today's Organ Stop is:

      Trompeta Magna

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