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Update for 2006-07-03

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  • Lana Krakovskiy
    Greetings! ** Travel Log: Utah all over again I have just returned from a business trip to Utah. My training was in Orem and I stayed in a hotel in Provo.
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      ** Travel Log: Utah all over again

      I have just returned from a business trip to Utah. My training was in
      Orem and I stayed in a hotel in Provo. While in "organ country", I
      arranged some practice time at BYU through Richard Elliott, the Mormon
      Tabernacle organist. Professor Don Cook of BYU graciously let me have
      the access code to the practice rooms (each room with an instrument is
      prorected by a numeric keypad lock) and I spent a blissful several
      hours playing three practice instruments. I would have wished to play
      the Kenneth Jones teaching tracker, and was allowed, but someone else
      was using it at the time. The organs I played were Bigelow, Wilhelm
      and Coulter. (see the descriptions below).

      The Bigelow, as the most popular organ with the students, clearly
      showed signs of use and some ranks weren't in tune. Tonally it wasn't
      anything exciting, but that suits its purpose as a practice organ
      quite well. Then it was next to the Wilhelm - a sheer delight, clearly
      being used less and in a better condition, with a powerful piercing
      Regal which becomes enjoyable once the cabinet doors are closed. The
      Coulter's specification puzzled me. It has just 2 stops in the pedal,
      a very quiet 16' Bourdon, and a 8ft Quintadena. The only reed is a
      Regal (again... somebody must like Regals over there). For playing
      Bach chorales this combination proved impractical, unless I
      misunderstood something. The Quintadena is too rich harmonically to
      work with Regal, and using 8ft from the manual on pedal would result
      in occasional loss of sound as they would share the same note.

      The next evening, before my flight, I stopped by Temple Square in Salt
      Lake City. The Tabernacle is still closed for renovation, and I went
      to listen to a BYU junior student recital at the Assembly Hall. I was
      touched as the organist's brother led the attendees in prayer for the
      organist, Mark Spencer Campbell, to "let him perform to his good
      abilities". Unfortunately the recital was not too great. He played
      through Vierne Symphony no.2; The Allemande (variations on the melody
      Bruynsmedelyn) by Scheidt was good, actually my favorite in the whole
      recital. Mr. Campbell played with sensitive touch and refreshing
      registrations. The JS Bach trio sonata # 6 was pretty bad - after
      stumbling through the first 2 movements, the organist judiciously
      omitted the third and plunged straight into Dupre Prelude and Fugue
      op. 7 no 1.

      After the recital I made a quick run over to the Conference Center
      where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is now practicing, to listen a bit
      and say "hi" to Richard Elliott. The Choir sounded wonderful, but I
      only had a few minutes' time before having to take a cab to the
      airport. Sadly, no one would let me come down and say hello, since
      Richard Elliott was accompanying the Choir up on stage.

      I love visiting Utah, this is already my second time there. Not only
      is it a beutiful place, but each time I go, I try to tie my trip to
      something "organic", and the people who make it happen are always
      gracious and glad to provide opportunities for me to play.

      ** Seeking a CD

      A reader wrote in asking whether anyone knows how to obtain Dorothy
      Papadakos' CD, "Dorothy over the Rainbow". This CD is not available at
      Amazon. I think I remember St. John the Divine used to sell it, but I
      was unable to find any info on their website. Can you help?

      On the lighter side...
      ** Heavy Nintendo on the Organ!

      University of Florida graduate Harold Rodriguez recorded music from
      Nintendo games and more on the organ. Follow the link to view the

      Today's Organ Stop is:
      Fan Tuba

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