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Update for 2005-01-05

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  • Lana Krakovskiy
    Greetings! With hopes for healing amid the devastation in Asia, here is a link to various sites that accept donations.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2005
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      With hopes for healing amid the devastation in Asia, here is a link to
      various sites that accept donations.

      * In December, I had commissioned a humorous drawing of myself at the
      keyboard from a coworker. It was made into wonderful greeting cards.
      You can also see it online now at

      Based in New York City, Emily Harrison is delightful to work with. She
      took my concept and gave it her special flair. I highly recommend her
      services. Emily is also a professional violinist and welcomes musical
      opportunities. You can contact her at harrisonATpost.harvard.edu .

      I realized that herein lies yet another way to promote the pipe organ
      in the modern world: get an artist to draw it! Encourage creation of
      new art featuring our instrument. In the process, the artists will
      learn from you and will be sure to tell their friends about the
      exciting new work they are creating. The work will make its way into
      their portfolios for even more potential eyeballs.

      * Jared Lamenzo (organist, St. Patrick's Old Cathedral) and his team
      had an interactive installation of Mocean at the Tisch School of the
      Arts, NYU, in December. "Mocean explores the potential of water as an
      emotive interface for public spaces and installations. The aim of
      Mocean is to merge a natural element, water, with digital technology
      to create an organic and satisfying experience." The first
      installation of this project was held in the Alexander Chapel of First
      Presbyterian Church, New York City.

      Learn more about Mocean and watch a video:

      * Carol Williams sent this link to pictures from the spectacular
      Spreckels 90th Birthday Celebration. Pictures were taken by Robert
      Harrington, Spreckels Organ Society Photographer. She writes: "The
      concert was from 12 noon until 5 pm and around 7,500 people came to
      celebrate the event. Also, there was much coverage from the local
      papers and various television stations."

      * Did you know? There is another large civic organ pavillion in the
      works in California. The Waterfront Pavilion will be a cultural
      facility that will become the permanent home of the historic 1915
      Panama-Pacific Exposition organ. The 'Friends of the Waterfront
      Pavilion' will produce free outdoor organ concerts as well as other
      performing arts programs year round. The success of the Spreckels
      Pavillion in San Diego serves as a model and inspiration for this

      San Francisco is home to another interesting instrument. Its Wave
      Organ is a unique artifact, part musical instrument, part
      environmental sculpture.

      For more interesting and amusing links please visit my directory of
      Organistic Curiosities:

      * Rochester 2005: Arts construction churning ahead

      "Rochester will become the pipe organ capital of North America. In
      October, the Eastman School of Music will install an extraordinary
      antique organ in the Memorial Art Gallery's Fountain Court."

      Visit EROI, the Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative:

      * Rejected mansion free to a new owner

      Historic mansion owned by Steve Jobs, in the news since last year, is
      now the subject of a legal decision to bar Jobs from demolishing it.
      He is looking for someone to dismantle the mansion and move it,
      Aeolian pipe organ included, to another site.

      * Upcoming events: see what's coming up in January.

      Today's Organ Stop:

      Compensating Mixture

      Have a great week,

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