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Update for 2004-09-06

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  • Lana Krakovskiy
    Greetings! * New member Colin Mawby writes about the life-changing event that prompted him to start composing, and about his organ music.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2004
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      * New member Colin Mawby writes about the life-changing event that prompted
      him to start composing, and about his organ music.

      * Pictures of the Diaphone stop and more, at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt
      Lake City. Reader Lou Hurst sent some fascinating shots.

      * New music school will offer organ lessons
      Community School of Music in Demorest, GA will start offering organ lessons
      this September on the new Sewell organ. The program is offered through
      Piedmont College Department of Music.

      * Indiana: Linton church gets new pipe organ
      "The Linton First United Methodist Church is once again filled with the
      sound of a pipe organ for the first time since last fall...Instead of
      spending time in the weight room, the Linton-Stockton High School football
      team came to help unload the organ. Three of the wind chests weighed over
      700 pounds a piece, while another weighed over 800."
      Good for you, guys!

      * I received a very special gift from Roman Krasnovsky -- an organ chorale
      dedicated to me, just in time for my upcoming birthday. The chorale is
      titled "Meine Seele erhebt den Herren" and is a setting of Tonus Peregrinus.
      Thank you, Roman!

      Select Upcoming Events


      Recital by Christa Rakich and Peter Sykes in Boston, MA.
      Tuesdays with Sebastian is an independent two-year benefit concert series in
      which Christa Rakich and Peter Sykes will perform the entire keyboard works
      of Johann Sebastian Bach for organ and harpsichord in 34 recitals.

      Recital by James Higdon in Omaha, NE. Part of Saint Cecilia Organ Festival.


      Four Hands - Four Feet: Recital by Maureen McAllister and Robin Jackson
      Wonderful new (1999) mechanical action organ by Kenneth Tickell. Brilliant
      choruses, subtle and beautiful flutes, 'rude' Posaune! West Gallery
      position, seating faces west so console visible.


      5th International Organ Competition Musashino-Tokyo (IOCM)
      Jurors: Tsuguo HIRONO (chair), Marie-Claire ALAIN, Michel BOUVARD, François
      ESPINASSE, Jan Willem JANSEN, Andrea MARCON, William PORTER, Masaaki SUZUKI,
      Harald VOGEL, Wolfgang ZERER
      Organs and Venues to be used: Marcussen & Søn (Musashino Civic Cultural
      Hall), J. Ahrend (Nihon University Casals Hall), A. Kern (Shinjuku Bunka

      Today's Organ Stop: Spitzflote

      Have a great week,

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