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Is our FairTax congressional support real?

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  • bill spillane
    All great American Fairtaxers,   ALL of you, no exceptions, are GREAT; some greater than others, but all great.   Sadly, Steve Curtis is correct regarding so
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      All great American Fairtaxers,
      ALL of you, no exceptions, are GREAT; some greater than others, but all great.
      Sadly, Steve Curtis is correct regarding so called, "FairTax Congressional Supporters": "If they are not talking about it, promoting it, and working to pass it, then they aren't really FairTax supporters." 
      Consider, Sen. Saxby Chamblis (R-GA), original sponsor of S 13, the FairTax Bill  in the Senate, and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), co-sponsor and excellent defender of the FairTax when asked by constituents, are BOTH promoting the "Simpson-Bowles" solution to tax reform.
      Coburn's latest otherwise terrific book, "The Debt Bomb", promotes the Simpson-Bowles tax solution and never mentions the FairTax.
      Revelation: Congress is composed mostly of human beings, thus, they are interested in their own well being and, usually, re-election (Coburn talks extensively about "careerists" in Congress as a major cause of our fiscal mess, in his book.)
      If they want to get re-elected, besides meeting lots of people, they need MONEY to campaign. How to get it? Hmm. How about selling favors in the tax code; that should bring in in big contributions? (It does!)
      Hey, no one knows that it goes on; even, so called, smart pundits never talk about that!
      Why do you think that Rep.Paul Ryan's personal "Roadmap" for the American economy, which, before it went through the Repub caucus (excuse me, Repub Conference), said that the U.S. corporate tax rate should be ZERO (as does the FairTax); then, in the the caucus, they changed it to 25%?!!!
      Well, you can't sell tax favors if you have nothing to sell; a zero corporate tax rate leaves nothing to sell! Thus, they changed it to the 25% rate.
      It's perfect; no downside risk because only those flaky FairTaxers know about this - so Congress (both parties) goes for it. And the people don't know that corporate and all business taxes are passed on to the customer!
      Perfect! Tax those evil businesses; sell tax favors by selectively lowering contributor's tax rates; and reap the rewards of campaign contributions!
      In my opinion, until we tell the world about this, it won't change. "Earmarks", became a dirty word and Congress responded by cutting them (at least until no one is looking!)  
      So, we need to make, "tax favors", or "tax earmarks", a pair of dirty words, too.
      All the best,
      Bill Spillane
      CA FairTax
      P.S. Rep. Ryan has now come off of his original "zero corporate tax rate" to one that is a huge improvement over current law, but is not the Republican House plan nor the superior FairTax method:
      "Replaces the corporate income tax – currently the second highest in the industrialized world – with a border-adjustable business consumption tax of 8.5 percent. This new rate is roughly half that of the rest of the industrialized world."
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      Subject: Re: [FAIRTAX_DD] Is our congressional support real?
      Why would you think you'd get any more an honest answer if you ask them if they've read the bill.  If they are not talking about it, promoting it, and working to pass it, then they aren't really FairTax supporters. 
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      Subject: RE: [FAIRTAX_DD] Is our congressional support real?

      Greetings Wiley,
      You have learned what many of us have learned about too many (not all) of the elected supporters or those running campaigns professing support of the FairTax that simply do not understand it, either in concept or legislative form.  While we welcome everyone’s support it can be damaging to our plight if the candidate or incumbent publicly fails to accurately transmit or properly defend the tax, especially with respect to the current system. Perhaps our question to candidates and incumbents that support the FairTax, or want to support it, is this, “Have you read the FairTax Act bill and do you have any questions about it?”  If they say “no”, then we know we need to get them a copy of the Bill or direct them to it and offer our support ‘when’ (not if) they have questions.
      Keep up the good work in AK from an ol’ sourdough from Fairbanks.
      Best Regards,
      KDB NV FT 120902
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      Subject: [FAIRTAX_DD] Is our congressional support real?
      I send you this email reluctantly. I’m embarrassed by what I learned today. But maybe it will serve a purpose.
      Monday is Anchorage Chamber of Commerce weekly lunch forum. The presentation was a question/answer of the candidates for Alaska’s one congressional House seat. The candidates are 40 year incumbent Don Young (R) and a nice lady (R) who is clueless about almost everything. Don, as some of you know, is a very colorful character – import from Calif. in 60’s, moved to interior & married nice young native lady, school teacher, riverboat captain & trapper. With his 40 years in Congress he’s one of the most powerful – owes a lot favors, owed a lot of favors. Alaska’s a resource state and resources are Alaska’s life blood. Don lives and breathes resource development and therefore will represent Alaska in Congress as long as he has breath. Every 2 years he pushes through Congress a bill to open ANWR for exploration. The bill has failed every 2 years in the Senate, except it passed in 1986 and Bill Clinton vetoed it. You now have some history. Now, for how this relates to the FairTax and a disappointment.
      Don has been a co-sponsor or the FairTax bills since its first introduction by John Linder. Several weeks ago, I attended a fund raiser for Don and as I do at such gatherings, took a supply of FairTax pocket cards. I had a discussion with him about co-sponsorship and let him know I was not pleased with his failure to promote the FairTax when he is running for re-election. He allowed as how he was on fire for the FT, took my pocket cards and distributed them to all the tables. Now the Chamber lunch.
      The moderator went through all the pre-program submitted questions. I had scribbled down my question for the Congressman & another question for the challenger and they were the first from those submitted from the audience.
      My question to Congressman Young: Tell us why you are a co-sponsor of HR 25 (the FairTax bill). ANSWER: “The biggest problem is the tax code. The system is broken. We need to keep things simple. I favor a 10% flat tax.” He is clueless about any of the FairTax details. He signed on as a favor to a colleague, probably John Linder. It’s obvious he’s never read the bill and learned that it is a consumption tax.
      My question to the Challenger: Do you favor reform of our federal income tax system? If the answer is yes, what plan would you support? She essentially said that was an issue she had not given any thought to. She will get somewhere between 20 & 30% of the vote.
      This experience confirms a suspicion I’ve had for some time. The 70 or so co-sponsors may not be that real. As you all know, there’s a lot of favor trading that goes on in Congress. But, I’m not going to give up on my Congressman. I like the guy, but I have to educate him. Tomorrow, I call his staff advisor on taxation matters in Washington. I will solicit his assistance on an education matter.
      April 15 Just Another Nice Alaska Day
      Wiley Brooks
      Volunteer Director - Alaska
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