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The Fair Tax and the Tea Party

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  • Dean Padbon
    Dear Bill, Just an observation from a long time Fair Tax supporter. The Fair Tax should not be thrown in the kettle with the Tea Party Movement. It needs to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2010
      Dear Bill,

      Just an observation from a long time Fair Tax supporter. The Fair Tax should not be thrown in the kettle with the Tea Party Movement. It needs to stand alone as something that needs to be done for our country, not in connection with any particular political movement. I think you'll loose some followers or uninformed people who might be willing to fight for the Fair Tax, but don't want anything to do with what they might consider a bunch of right wing conservative nuts. I'm not saying that's my opinion of the Tea Party, but it has it's detractors.
      Let's work together for the Fair Tax and that alone.

      Thanks. Just my humble opinion.


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      Very well said - and an excellent segue for a couple of recent Rasmussen polls I came across today (one was just released today) which I wanted to bring to the attention of the recipients of this e-mail.

      Voters Strongly Believe that Most in Congress are for Sale; August 10, 2010

      Voters Think Special Interest Money is Key to Political Victory; September 30, 2010

      The voters are catching on to the game that is being played in Washington and they understand that the extreme partisanship is a distraction from what is really going on on both sides of the aisle.

      Phil Hinson

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      When a politician says about the FairTax, "It's a good idea but it will never happen" they are generally expressing their secret desire that it not happen.  The current system provides them so much power that our Founding Fathers never intended, via the selling of tax favors.  What politician wants to ask for donations from and listen to constituents when all they must do is grant a favor take the funding from the lobbyists standing at their door.  This trade in tax favors has corrupted our representative form of government and is the major reason for an unresponsive and bloated government.

      The Teaparty movement is one that wants to throw out those politicians that are saying, "It will never happen".  That is what the movement is all about.

      Below are some informative comments that a FairTax leader (volunteer) wrote about your recent comments about the FairTax.

      Roger Buchholtz
      MI FairTax President (volunteer)
      Tea Party Leader
      Small Business Owner
      5620 Clato St,
      Kalamazoo, MI 49004
      269 345-0950

      Much has been written recently about the impact of the Tea Party on American politics and the Republican party's mostly recent embrace of that true grassroots movement.  As far as I am concerned, this is THE defining issue that still divides the Republican establishment from the Tea Party.  When the FairTax comes in as the #1 issue supported by Tea Party supporters in an independent online survey and the Republican establishment continues to try to serve up some "new and improved" version of a flat tax and to continue its futile attempts to repackage that tired old concept so that it resonates with the American public, it is easy to see that we have a ways to go before the tea partiers and the Republican establishment all sit around in a circle and sing Kumbaya.

      We understand that the current tax system serves career politicians (including Republican establishment types) very, very well.  We get that.  We also understand that it is a major contributing factor to poll findings that the American people believe, by strong majorities, that their elected representatives do not listen to their views on public policy issues.  It is also a major drag on our economy and an enormous job killer.

      Rush has clearly sided with the establishment up until now, but he has been showing signs recently of trying to help them to bridge the divide with the tea party.  For example, I was quite surprised by his response when Greta Von Susteren asked him who in public life he admired the most.  His response: Sarah Palin.  Not exactly a hero to the Republican establishment, I am guessing.

      Rush is moving in our direction.  He just needs to understand that we will never accept some watered down version of tax reform that does not address the real economic challenges of the 21st century and which barely inflicts a flesh wound to the earmarks and tax preferences for campaign cash racket.  If such a stance offends the K streeters and career politicians on both sides of the aisle, we are prepared to live with that.

      Phil Hinson

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