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Fwd: Thought you might like to see this letter

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  • Sam Wright
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2004
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      > From: Larmelton@...
      > Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 01:31:46 EDT
      > Subject: Thought you might like to see this letter
      > To: wrightsl@...
      > To my fellow Senators,
      > If you will, please lend me your attention for a
      > brief
      > statement. It is of uttermost importance that this
      > Committee put
      > forth a bipartisan proposal for the reform of our
      > nation's tax
      > system. That I believe we can all agree on, but that
      > is not enough.
      > Having a common desire for an end does not equal
      > agreement on the
      > details of that end, nor the means to achieve such
      > an end. Let us
      > first agree on as much as we can agree on, and then
      > move forward in a
      > discussion of a National Sales Tax, Consumption Tax,
      > Flat Tax, Value
      > Added Tax, or another other new system of taxation.
      > I present a small set of canons that this Committee
      > should hold
      > dear as it moves forward in discussion. First, I
      > believe that we
      > must recognize that this Committee can deal only
      > indirectly with the
      > reduction of spending. We are concerning ourselves
      > with only one
      > side of the coin. Although taxation should be placed
      > as lightly as
      > possible on the taxpayer, any new system must be
      > able to fully
      > finance all existing programs of the government.
      > Attempt to reduce
      > spending, while admirable, must be carried out
      > elsewhere. This does
      > not prevent, however, the Committee from calling
      > upon a reduction in
      > spending to be coupled with the new tax system.
      > Second, I believe that it is possible for us to
      > increase
      > revenue, or decrease the amount taxed without
      > decreasing net revenue,
      > by demanding that our new tax system be easy and
      > cheap to collect.
      > Right now the IRS is a wasteful agency that requires
      > too much money
      > in return for bringing in too little. In addition to
      > this principle
      > of efficiency we should look for a system that
      > reduces transaction
      > costs by having the tax rest directly on the
      > ultimate payer. Our old
      > and cumbersome system will be replaced by an
      > efficient and flexible
      > one.
      > Third, we should make the tax system simple and
      > predictable so
      > that the taxpayer does not have to fear uncertainty
      > in the payment of
      > his or her taxes. We should also make the system
      > simple so that
      > there will be no place for criminals to hide in
      > their evasion of the
      > new tax. It is my hope that the new tax system will
      > be explainable
      > to the American people in full on a small number of
      > pages and not the
      > leviathan now before them.
      > Finally, I believe that we can capture the above
      > canons in a
      > simple statement that says a single tax system is
      > preferable to a
      > broad based taxation system. One single tax
      > collection system would
      > be simpler than trying to have a menagerie of
      > taxes. Aside from the
      > simplicity behind it, there would also be
      > efficiency in being able to
      > devote attention to only one method of collection.
      > For now, let us
      > put aside the differences of aIncome Tax, National
      > Sales Tax,
      > Consumption Tax, Flat Tax, Value Added Tax and
      > others. Before we
      > debate the possible systems, let us agree to the
      > principles that
      > guide our search. Thank you.
      > Senator Logan Ferree (D-OR)

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