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  • robert lininger
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2010
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      Sent: Sunday, February 28, 2010 8:55 PM
      Subject: SUNDAY DRIVE IN BOLIVIA ....WOW!!!!!!!

      I saw a show about this road. they call it the "death road"    mona



      You are about to see the most amazing road ever. Come with me.

      Very, very High Way !

      In Bolivia , South America

      Stremnaya Road is nicknamed 'The Road of Death' and it will take no convincing as to how appropriate that is..

      Buckle Up . . here we go!

      Seen Enough???
      Oh, No . . Your Trip Isn't Over Yet!
      Check that your seat belt is fastened one more time . . ..

      No Traffic at all today!!

      Spoke Too Soon..

      Get Right Down into Low For This Hairpin

      Ok... Back into Top Gear and Accelerate

      Great.. Doing Over 80 Now and Making Up Time..

      It's So Wide Here.. and Easy To Pass

      Hang On.. Wish I Had The Inside Lane

      You Just Honk and The Guy Coming Will Move Over Huh?

      I Don't Think He Heard Your Horn

      Sorry, We Just Lost The Curb This Morning .

      Not Much Further Now..

      Oh Mother of G.......

      Thanks For Coming Along
      You Made It This Time!

      After That Ride, Tell Me Honestly, Are You Going To Complain About Lousy, Traffic - Congested Super Highways Ever Again???


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