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Last Orca email through Yahoo!

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  • Blair Zajac
    This is the last email to the Orca mailing lists using Yahoo! s email servers. All further Orca messages should be sent to the appropriate mailing list hosted
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5 7:50 PM
      This is the last email to the Orca mailing lists using Yahoo!'s email
      servers. All further Orca messages should be sent to the appropriate
      mailing list hosted on orcaware.com. I'm using the Mailman mailing
      list system to host these mailing lists.

      I have turned off the ability to subscribe to and send messages to the
      Yahoo! Orca groups.

      1) Why is this happening?

      a) No more advertising in email messages.

      b) Surfing the web archive does not show any advertising and
      doesn't have that annoying "click here" to see the real message.

      2) What are the new email addresses?

      Here's the mapping between the old and new mailing list addresses:

      orca-announce@yahoogroups.com orca-announce@...
      orca-developers@yahoogroups.com orca-dev@...
      orca-discuss@yahoogroups.com orca-users@...
      orca-users@yahoogroups.com orca-users@...

      Note that orca-discuss and orca-users are being merged into

      3) Welcome email & new password

      You should be receiving an email soon from OrcaWare welcoming you
      to the OrcaWare mailing list along with a password.

      4) Managing your Orca subscription

      Your email address and this password let you manage your
      subscription via the web. The URLs for managing your subscription

      orca-announce http://www.orcaware.com/mailman/listinfo/orca-announce
      orca-dev http://www.orcaware.com/mailman/listinfo/orca-dev
      orca-users http://www.orcaware.com/mailman/listinfo/orca-users

      Go to the bottom of the web page, enter your email address, then
      click on "Edit Options".

      5) New Orca code checkin mailing list

      There is also a new mailing list orca-checkins@... which
      is a publicly accessible, read-only list which is used to
      disseminate version control check-in messages made by the Orca
      maintainers to the Orca developer community. You can subscribe to
      this list by going to


      6) Script to rearchive messages for mailman


      I wrote a pretty complicated Perl script to process all of my mail
      box folders and pull out and process email messages that were sent
      to one of the Orca mailing lists. I did this to put together a
      nice archive version of all the Orca messages so it can be easily

      I'm pretty proud of it and it took a lot of work in writing it.
      Contact me fore a copy of it. I'll put it up shortly on my
      Subversion server.

      The script is designed to process both Inbox and Sent style mail

      This script can do the following things:

      a) Read any number of input mail box files.

      b) Copy messages in the input mail box files to one or more output
      mail box folders using any number of regular expressions that
      are checked against the To, Cc and Bcc headers to decide if and
      which output folder to copy the message to.

      c) Delete the Bcc's in the messages in the output mail folders
      because they wouldn't be seen by any receiving parties.

      d) To make browsing the Mailman archive easier, convert any
      text/html messages to text/plain.

      e) Remove most Yahoo! advertising added to the bottom of the
      text/html or text/plain messages.

      f) remove text/html message parts when the message type is
      multipart/alternative and a text/plain part exists.

      g) remove message parts whose Content-Type matches regular
      expressions. I used this to remove my Vcard attachments from
      the archive.



      Blair Zajac <blair@...>
      Web and OS performance plots - http://www.orcaware.com/orca/
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