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  • Michael J. Coppi
    Subject: prayer request Date: 30-Nov-04 at 05:15 Sender: blessedbetherock@comcast.net Many of you know my friend, Tammy, for whom we have prayed many times
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004
      Subject: prayer request
      Date: 30-Nov-04 at 05:15
      Sender: blessedbetherock@...

      Many of you know my friend, Tammy, for whom we have prayed many times for
      healing from Lupus.

      Last night, her 16 year old daughter was hit by another car which was
      traveling over 50 mph. Katey was taken to Shock Trauma and is undergoing
      her second surgery thus far, now to replace broken bones in her lower leg
      with rods and pins. She has suffered bleeding in her brain and as you can
      imagine, many other injuries.

      I know this is a busy time of year, but if you could offer a prayer for her
      healing it would be most appreciated. Tammy knows the power of prayer in
      her life, and has asked for as many prayers as possible for Katey's
      healing. I also ask you to pray for peace, strength and courage for Tammy
      and her family. Thanks, my friends! May God bless you all this Advent!



      In a message dated 11/28/04, "Dee" writes:

      << I need prayer for a family problem. There is a serious division in our
      family unity right now. My son has deeply offended my husband. My son
      thinks he is right in what he said and sees no problem. My husband is
      deeply hurt. Without going into specifics, my son has a history of hurting
      us with his words and it becomes harder and harder to overlook this type of

      Meanwhile the real pain of it all is being separated from the
      grandchildren. My grandson Andy means the world to me. I miss him terribly.
      I cannot express how deeply this separation grieves me. My husband says he
      does not EVER want to see my son again even if it means never seeing the

      I know it is his emotions speaking, but the kids are 6, and 4 and if we
      are estranged for several years that is time that can never be restored.
      Please pray with me about this. I have to support my husband in this...
      unfortunately Satan has been attacking families for a long time - so
      I suppose you probably understand high emotional states and the pain that
      accompanies them. Thank you for your prayers. >>


      In a message dated 11/30/04 7:25:53 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      jasminemiranda@... writes:

      << I would like to ask prayer specially for the case I
      may have togo into concerning my mother's property.
      jasmine >>


      In a message dated 11/30/04 7:31:20 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      clarency@... writes:

      << grandma pappy in need of prayers today as I go for exam for female
      problem and pray I do not need more surgery and exam not painful ..and
      my nerves calm down.. also please pray for my sons, esp PJ...
      sounds so stressed in new job in
      alaska He was sick last time he called me so its a big change in his
      life and he needs strenght and inspiration and good work output from co
      workers too... difficult time for him...
      and for Uncle who is bleeding in hospital that he
      may be healed and for souls of Joe ODonnell and Mr. Seifring who are to
      be buried this week and their families...
      thank you ever so much.


      For the physical & mental health of my wife Kathleen [50], and to help her
      overcome alcholism. - Mike Coppi

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