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Re: [opml-dev] OPML ready for use? Arbitrary fields? (fwd)

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  • Jeff Mitchell
    ... Sure; forwarded. Didn t want to go on about MORE in the ML. ... do
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2001
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      > Can we keep the discussion on the mail list?

      Sure; forwarded. Didn't want to go on about MORE in the ML.

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      > > OPML is the native file format for Radio UserLand:
      > > http://radio.userland.com/
      > I'll take a look.
      > > I've been doing outliners since the late 70s, I did ThinkTank, Ready and
      > > MORE; and now Radio.
      > Hey keen; people have been telling me about MORE for awhile.. they
      > keep comparing my palm app to it. Mac people revere it ... good job!
      > > It's a good format for outlines. We haven't found anything it couldn't
      > > easily.
      > Oh? Hopefully. Can I extend it arbitrsrily? (I have quite a bit of
      > info, and palm specific and application specific data) Would an app
      > reading it likely be able to use the format and ignore the specialty
      > stuff? (I'm not on top of things as you can see)
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