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Re: [opml-dev] Fw: OPML discussion

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  • Dave Winer
    I can t believe the amount of pure drivel one idiot can post in a couple of hours. Dave ... From: Jeff Mitchell To:
    Message 1 of 28 , Sep 28 3:58 PM
      I can't believe the amount of pure drivel one idiot can post in a couple of
      hours. Dave

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      From: "Jeff Mitchell" <skeezix@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, September 28, 2002 1:42 PM
      Subject: Re: [opml-dev] Fw: OPML discussion

      > On Sat, 28 Sep 2002, Dave Winer wrote:
      > > Maybe you should start a new mail list and take these problems with you.
      > >
      > > But if you do -- puh-leeeze don't call what you do OPML. Thanks.
      > Ahh, so OPML is *not* an open format, nor meant to be used as an
      > interchange between applications?
      > > BTW, the arguing will start there right away -- as it did here --
      > > that's why there are no standard attributes, everyone wanted a say in
      > > it, and after all the arguing over RSS, that was the last thing I was
      > > interested in doing. Anyway, a long way of saying, I'm tired and
      > > totally not interested in wrestling with you or anyone else on this.
      > > Good luck to you.
      > OKay. ITs fair. We all work killer hours per day, so last thing
      > you need is to be burdened with this sort of thing.
      > So you must evaluate.. isOPML meant tobe open? If so, and you
      > haven't the time to maintain it, the bridles of leadership must be passed
      > to someone or something else.
      > If it is not meant to be open or bandied about as The Outliner XML
      > Spec, then perhaps you shoudl clarify that in the OPML spec, so people
      > don't try and use it for something it is not.
      > Jeff
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      > "It's murder out there. You can't even travel around in your own micro
      > circuits without permission from 'Master Control Program'. I mean,
      > sending *ME* down here to play games.... Who does he calculate he is?"
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