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243Re: [opml-dev] OPML, RSS and accounting information

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  • Jeremy Bowers
    Apr 30, 2004
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      mortenjacobsen2000 wrote:
      > I've seen in the RSS 2.0 specification that referring to other
      > namespaces my allow to extend RSS 2.0. I wonder if I can use this
      > feature to include OPML.
      > Since I'm quite inexperienced in RSS, I also will ask if it could be
      > possible the other way round, include RSS in OPML.

      Because neither RSS nor OPML specify namespaces for themselves, the
      clean XML answer is not available, i.e. (simplified)

      <channel />
      <opml xmlns="http://www.opml.org/some_non-existant_namespace">
      <outline text="insert your opml here"/>

      So it is not possible to embed RSS 2.0 in OPML or vice-versa.

      In both specifications, the correct thing to do is to point at the other
      relevant file, in OPML with an "rss" nodetype and in RSS either with the
      <link> element of <item> or your own custom namespace, depending on
      the application. In general, if an HTML rendering of the OPML file
      exists I would point <link> at that and have a custom namespace of your
      own for pointing at the OPML file.

      If you are willing to control the readers which are consuming your RSS,
      you *could* define your own namespace like
      "http://cdeaandrss.blogspot.com/almost-opml-in-rss", and declare that
      the tags inside of that namespace are *just like* the ones in the
      official OPML spec... but that would be a derivative specification, and
      you should not call that OPML as no current OPML reader is likely to be
      able to read it. The most standards-compliant thing to do is probably
      just to provide a link to the relevant OPML file, which current OPML
      consumers will be able to read.
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