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239Editing OPML with Radio, Manila gems, viewOpml Macro

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  • Steve Kirks
    Feb 18, 2004
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      Manila/Radio/OPML Dev Listers:

      I know that Radio can edit OPML easily. I know that Radio can pull an OPML from a URL for editing. Can Radio pull an OPML file stored as a 'gem' on a Manila server?


      I'm keeping a Radio Feature Wish List in OPML to editing and version control easier. I want to store it on a Manila server as a gem, then call it in a story using the Manila viewOpml macro. For simplicity (and to avoid multiple FTP sessions), I want to store the OPML file on the server, then use whatever copy of Radio I'm at to edit it.

      By the way, the macro works like a champ, but when I edit the OPML file, the changes are not reflected when the page is regenerated. It does change if I change the name of the file in the macro and the 'gem'.


      Q: remote editing and saving OPML via Radio?

      Q: viewOpml macro behavior right?

      Q: is there a smarter way to do this?

      Q: is there a viewOpml macro equivalent for Radio?

      Steve Kirks