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235Re: OPML 1.1

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  • Stan@StanKrute.com
    Dec 22, 2003

      I've incorporated the OPML usage info noted
      in this thread by:

      Rogers Cadenhead, Morbus Iff, Brent Simmons,
      Mark Fletcher, and Øyvind Kolås

      ... into OPML_Elements_and_Attributes.opml

      (which lives here:
      http://JavaOutlineEditor.org/OPML/OPML_Elements_and_Attributes.opml )

      Those folks might want to
      take a look to see if I've got things

      Other folks who work on OPML tools: please
      post away to this thread RE your OPML usage.
      I'll continue to incorporate data posted
      to this Yahoo group into the file.

      ( I have NOT yet added all the new tools,
      e.g. agregators et al, that do some OPMLing.
      It'll take some time ... )

      Plus: expanding the process a bit:

      I've opened up a Groove workspace wherein
      folks can add to or modify
      OPML_Elements_and_Attributes.opml directly
      as regards their products' OPMLation.

      I'me sending invites to this Groove workspace to
      folks who've posted to this Yahoo group about tools
      they work on and OPML. If
      you don't get an invite, and want to join the
      workspace, just drop me a personal email off-group
      (Stan@...)and I'll send you an invite.
      I'll also be sending invites to other folks who
      seem involved in OPML tooldom.

      [ If you don't have Groove,
      there's a [free for personal use/free for 60 days
      of business use] Groove Workspace Preview Edition
      downloadable here: http://www.groove.net/downloads/groove/ ]

      The Groove workspace can be particularly useful
      for indicating your tools' support of the various
      elements, attributes, and types. Takes a load of
      detail work off me.

      Homage and regards to all OPMLers ....

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