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234the current opml output of hnb

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  • Øyvind Kolås
    Dec 3, 2003
      hnb is a unix ncurses based outline editor, for plain outlines, it
      adheres to the old standard, with it's current feature set, which is
      probably a quite common feature set amongst todolist/outliner combo

      At the moment hnb development is frozen, but this might change in
      the future, if something resemblign the extra attributes I use are included
      in the standard I'll probably put out a new release.

      /Øyvind K.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><?pos="1"?>
      <!-- generated by hnb 1.9.18pre6 (http://hnb.sourceforge.net/) -->
      <opml version="1.0">
      <title>outline exported from hnb</title>

      <outline text="main item">
      <outline text="sub item" />
      <outline text="sub item">
      <outline text="sub sub item,. with a lot more text, but no linebreaks,. that is one
      of the few things hnb doesn't allow at the moment, when writing a longer text, I simple treat e
      ach node as a paragraph,. and up down arrows move between the lines of the paragraph" />
      <outline text="todo" type="todo" done="no">
      <outline text="an item" type="todo" done="no" />
      <outline text="another item" type="todo" done="yes">
      <outline text="a sub item" type="todo" done="yes" />

      /V\ Øyvind Kolås, Gjøvik University College, Norway
      /(_)\ <oeyvindk@...>,<pippin@...>
      ^ ^